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Travel Tips & Gear

  • Our audiences favorite category. We're always sharing tips, ideas, and products we love to help adventures affordable and easy.

Well-Rounded Travel

  • We believe a well-rounded experience allows you to fully understand the "Voice" of a destination. When we highlight a destination, we try to showcase our 5 Pillars Of Travel: nature, culture, cuisine, budget, and luxury.

hobbies & activities

  • We believe that activities, new or familiar, will lead to unique adventures and unforgettable life experiences. From skiing & snowboarding, to yoga & rock climbing.


  • We love finding that one thing that makes a destination unique and pushes us outside of our comfort zones. Like, great white shark diving in South Africa or eating fermented shark in Iceland. It's important for our readers to understand all the marvels of the world around them. 

Living In The Moment & following your dreams

  • Cydny sold her company and left success for a life of adventure. Both are firm believers of living minimally, in order to live fully.