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About The V's

 1/2 - Cydny V.


Cydny is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She started her career in dance, performing and choreographing professionally around the US. Later she expanded to owning a Promotional Modeling & Event Entertainment Company that grew to 1.3 million dollars in sales, yearly. Her talents thrive when building businesses and marketing. Her companies specialties were working with prestigious brands such as, Heineken and 7UP,  providing them unique ideas and talent to increase sales of their products. 

Her passion behind the scenes has always been traveling and can thank a lot of her creativity stemming from these experiences. She has an audacious personality and is terrified of most things, but can never say no to a challenge. (this is where Marc wins time and time again)

She is yoga certified and has an "inner hippie" she loves to unleash by making her own: deodorant, toothpaste, you name it.  She can often be spotted starting the celebration at any event because her inner-performer won't ever die.  


1/2 - MARC V.


Marc has a master's degree in Rehabilitation Science and sustains a full-time job as a Certified Athletic Trainer for a private school. This allows him ample time off for summer and school breaks, to explore the globe.

Marc grew up as an athlete and has love for all sports. His main passion being rock climbing and in the winter, snowboarding. He is a true outdoorsman and loves dragging his wife for the ride. 

For our adventures, you can count on him for the majority of our planning. He gets a kick out of travel hacking and discovering hidden gems. You can say he "nerds out" on it.  He's also our main source of capturing and editing most of our photography and videography.  Marc can often be spotted nose deep in information on some new adventure idea he has brewing.



They're a powerhouse. Marc pushes Cydny to seek extreme adventures, Cydny pushes Marc to dance his way through life. They've been married since 2014 and have two adorable fur babies, Tucker (woof) and Tito (meow). They've known each other since they were 13 years old and grew up only a mile away from one another. No, they weren't high school sweethearts, just long time friends. Two Jersey kids at heart with a shared passion for exploring. If it was up to them, they would have a family of pets on a large stretch of land with just a tiny home to sleep in. They like to live simply, which allows them to invest more in experiences.