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How a hobby led to travel fever (Marc’s Story)

I have rock climbing to thank for introducing me to the travel bug. I began rock climbing when I was 12 years old and had no idea that it would engulf my entire life. At that age, all I did was go to school, come home, and then walk to the rock gym. Thankfully, I lived about 100 yards from the nearest gym and it had me addicted.

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GOAL Surprise- Hong Kong

For Hong Kong, that was our first night. We arrived late and exhausted due to delays in the Philippines. Our plans of walking the city were quickly suppressed by hunger and thirst. We are highly motivated when we travel, a go-go-go mentality, but we finally conceded and decided to just sit back, enjoy the hotel lounge, and get a good nights rest. So we thought…

Enter the Holiday Inn.

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