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The Benefits Of Budget Travel, And It’s Not The Money

You say “budget travel” and our minds immediately think the worst. A habit we have to break. I think the word budget has a negative connotation, I like the word “smart”. “Smart Travel.”

If you heard our podcast this week, you would be amazed the number of adventures the Spence’s, whom we interviewed, managed to go on in the past few years due to their smart travel mentality.

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Our Vote For Best Travel Credit Card

There is an array of answers we can provide, but today we want to highlight one. The point-reward system is a huge game that we like to play and one credit card received a lot of attention in 2016. The Chase Sapphire Reserve hit the market with one of the highest offers we have seen in years, 100,000 points after spending $4000. It was hyped for weeks and dominated forums for the travel-loving point hoarders like us. Now that our annual fee is about to return, the big question is…. Is it worth keeping in our wallets and should you take advantage now?

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