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How To Travel Stress Free, Advice From 13 Pro Travelers

Travel, in the world of Instagram, looks like a cake walk. Every photo showcases someone without a care in the world, sitting in the most beautiful areas on Earth, while listening to the birds chirping around them, like a newage Snow White. In reality, no one sees the endless lines they stand in at the airport, the long redeye flights, the 5am wake up call to capture the perfect photo without a tourist in site.

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Our 6 In-Flight Necesseties

Unfortunately, we can’t always fly business or first class. Therefore, we need to bring our own pillows, eye masks, food, booze (sometimes, but not all the time), etc. To be honest, receiving those extra perks in the higher classes doesn’t always justify the increased ticket price. Basically, all you’re paying for is that lie-flat seat and the complimentary glass of champagne. Oh! And those curtains that separate you from the rest of the common-folk.

Luckily, we’ve realized that by bringing just a few extra items on board, we too can enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable flight. We brainstormed and came up with our top 6 things that we can’t fly without for both long or short-haul flights.

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