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Our Top 5 Memorable Stops In Ireland

Ireland has been a country on our list for years and we were thrilled to finally put that pin on our map. When something sits on your list for that long, it becomes inevitable to build expectations. GOAL Travelers #1 is to temper expectations when traveling because you will almost always be disappointed one way or another. But not with Ireland. It was everything we imagined and more. Six days camping around Ireland and these became are our top 5 memories.

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Itty Bitty Living Space (Camping in Ireland)

It’s no coincidence that when we travel we love the lack of firm itineraries. The decision to book our flights to Ireland was easy, what came next is always the harder part.

Figuring out which direction to travel, where to stay, and what to see can be difficult to mesh. It will never be perfect and that’s the point of traveling. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, as you may have read from some of our previous blogs. Regardless, to give ourselves the most freedom Cyd and I decided that we were going to camp. It was not an easy sell from my end but she finally relented and agreed that it would give us the most freedom to wander around Ireland.

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