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The Most Epic Trek In Bali Is Now Unavailable

In this edition, we re-visit that time Marc made Cydny climb a 10,000 ft volcano in Indonesia.

No seriously, I feel like you could answer that question a hundred different ways. I’ve made her participate in some stupid things.

Well, this one time in Bali, Indonesia I successfully convinced her we were going to hike a nearly 10,000 ft volcano, watch the sunrise, and come right back down. Easy! I am here to tell you today that the hike was not the easiest or the safest.

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Last Minute Decisions Lead To Big Adventures: Da Nang, Vietnam

Vietnam wasn’t in our plans during our 3 weeks in Asia. Before we embarked we only had booked our round-trip flights to the Philippines. We had sites on visiting Hong Kong, Thailand, and South Korea however, our only solid plan was getting to Seoul in order to return home. By not restricting our schedule allowed us to travel to an unplanned country, Vietnam. It was one of the best decisions we made.

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