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The Best Way To Experience Killington, VT Starts With Staying Here!

We stumbled upon a real gem. It’s no surprise that we love the mountains, so when a weekend surprisingly opened up, we were ready to take advantage of one.

So where do Jersey folks go for a quick two-night getaway to ski? Killington, Vermont, of course! One of our most advanced mountains in the area. We have been to Killington before, but it's typically a 4.5-hour ride up late at night, we sleep and wake up, hit the mountain and drive home the next day. We really never have enough time to fully experience what they have to offer.

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Airbnb Is The Way To Be!

A lot of questions arise when you mention booking an Airbnb.

Isn’t it strange?

Is it not weird being in someone else's home?

Do you see the people that own the home?

Is it clean?

In a world where the news highlights how ugly humanity it is, I can see how Airbnb can be a little off-putting at first. However, the research shows how insanely successful it is.

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