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Who says the American Dream is the way to be (part 3)

Somewhere in between you managed to get your homework done, shower, and sleep. Clearly, there was very little time for yourself.

How will this schedule allow me to achieve my goal of rediscovery?

Before attending this training I knew:

  1. I’m introverted.

  2. I’ve lost faith in society.

  3. I don’t like to be touched.

  4. I’m independent.

  5. I’m quiet, but very critical.

I basically built a little box to keep myself safe from others, so how could these walls hinder my spirit when I’m so independent?

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Who says the American Dream is the way to be (Part 2)

I took the leap of faith to try something new and become a student again. To leave my husband for the longest we have ever been apart and journey on my own. I knew I could do it. That wasn’t my fear.

My fear was; Am I making the right choice?

A lot happened in 2017. My anxiety snowballed and I wasn’t prepared. I had a nervous breakdown, I spoke to therapists, hired life coaches, tried acupuncture, medication, altered diets, journaling, crystals, reiki. You name it. I was on a mission to self-heal and reconnect with me, the true me.


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