How To Reach Tigertail Beach Marco Island, Florida


I'd be lying if I said I loved Marco Island or Florida in general. 

Now don't get mad at me.

Hear me out first.

I live in New Jersey and the truth is, Florida is the Southern New Jersey. Seriously, everyone I know has been there at least once, many have homes there, and dream to get older and become a resident there or what we like to call, "snowbird." You know, where you fly there during the winter and come back to New Jersey in the summer. 

That's cool. No judgment. My father is a snowbird, meanwhile, our mothers dream of making the transition there. I will say, due to my father's location I am partial to the east coast more than the west. 

Anywho, I'm not going to take away from its beauty. The water is gorgeous and outside of July & August, the weather is pretty amazing. But for us....It's just too slow pace. 

We aren't really beach people.

We have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time.

It's too flat, where are the mountains? 

People who frequent Florida like that beach style vacation. Kick back, read a book, soak in the sun, nap, repeat. And there is something to be said for a good recharge. We don't really function that way and obviously need bigger adventures to feel fulfilled. 

However, there is always small adventures you can discover anywhere. I find this experience on Marco Island to be an interesting one. The home my family rented was only a block or two away from Tigertail Beach. A beautiful 3-mile spit of white sand and thousands of seashells, a quiet paradise. The catch is how you get there and it begins by crossing a 50-yard murky lagoon, that you wonder if alligators frequent...


Watch below to get a feel for the experience with the help of my little cousin, Jamie.