Hack Your Car For Success On The Road




Travel isn't as easily accessible as some make it sound, us included. We get it.

Timing is tough.

It can be expensive.

Planning is exhausting.

The list of excuses goes on and before you know it a year has gone by.

There is one option that is always presentable that shouldn't pose that much stress on the idea of leaving. 

Road trips!

If you have a day off a quick drive somewhere new can feel just as good as a vacation abroad. We all need a change of scenery at times. The last thing we want to hear is the act of hopping in your car and driving entails too much.

We have come to save you from all thoughts stopping you!

Here are 9 car hacks that you should have prepared for any wild last-minute getaway ideas.

Get a little plastic container, fill your trunk with these goodies, because when your car is ready then your mind can easily say YES!


If it’s a car full of your best friends, or even a family road trip, the car will eventually succumb to the inevitable stench of humans. Stinky feet, open packets of beef jerky, and old stinky clothes. A road trip offers it all, and the car houses it all. Keep a box of dryer sheets open and stashed somewhere under the seats. This will keep the car feeling fresh without having to buy the Pine Scent car freshener.

GOAL TIP: the dryer sheets can be used to wipe all the bug carcasses from your headlights to keep you safe at night!


Go to your local store and pick up one of those airtight containers that keep all our cereals fresh. Pick up two if you plan on eating cereal in the car, otherwise, the first one can be used as a trash can that keeps the rotten banana peels at bay.

Notice the first 2 tips are about keeping your vehicle smelling fresh?  Yea, that’s not by accident. Take it seriously!


Why the hell would we need that?

Well, how many times have you left your old McDonald’s soda sitting in the cup holder while that condensation just accumulates at the bottom? Exactly. Pick up a pack of these bad boys and the all-important cup holder will no longer marinate in the contents of last weeks sugary beverage.

Cleanliness is key!


Arrow On The Fuel Gauge

fuel gauge.jpg

So I didn’t know this little hack until a couple years ago and it’s definitely come in handy. We rent a lot of different vehicles so we never remember which side the gas tank is on. Glance down at your fuel gauge and look for a little arrow that indicates the side to add fuel to the tank.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal now until you are in subzero temperatures and don’t want to hop out and glance to see which side the tank is on.


Things can get a little cluttered with multiple people in a car for days on end. If you’ve been on a couple road trips it can be incredibly frustrating to constantly misplace your personal items. Prevent your things from ending up in the dark abyss below the seats. A suction shower organizer on everyone's window will keep you organized and give you that feeling of personal space.


Splitter USB Charger

Keep your electronics juiced so you won’t have to talk to each other! Just kidding. After you’ve completed the 42nd game of “I Spy”, you can retreat back to your phone to check the social media posts of your friends that are in the same car, from that same spot that you all experienced together. Grab the 3ft wire so kids in the back can easily split.


Waze App

Let’s face it, Apple Maps really just doesn’t do the job. Their navigation has ushered us into random areas so they’ve been excommunicated from my phone. Google Maps is infinitely better than Apple Maps, but the king of the road is still the Waze app. It’s nice being able to trust their detours around traffic and it especially comes in handy if you plan on going over the speed limit a little bit. ::wink wink::



How many times have you driven an extra 20 minutes to rush to the bathroom because it was the only sign that said there was a rest stop? We’ve all been there. There must have been a bathroom at those last 4 exits, even though they didn’t have a sign. iExit app takes the guesswork out of what’s just off the exits. Locate ATM’s, campgrounds, WIFI, and even gas prices with this app.


The United States has some weird stuff to see. Most of them can be found conveniently off the highways. Locate the World’s Largest Pig Hairball or the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers. Anything to break up the tunnel vision of staring at the road. You’ll thank us later!




You don’t always need the biggest car or best gadgets to make life on the road easier. Watch the video below about our friend “Johnny Ray” and how he’s able to maximize his car to travel with his toys!

Are you a fan of road tripping?

Have you ever tried these tips before?

Got new ones to share with us? Comment with them below.