EP. 22 Creating A Successful Life As An Expat


Today on episode 21 we will be speaking to Doreen Cumberford.

Doreen Cumberford helps expats, global nomads and returnees create happier, easier and more successful transitions around the globe.   As a Certified Coach, and 25 year veteran as a licensed teacher of success principles, Doreen coaches, speaks and writes about the principles and practices necessary to create international moves of ease and grace.


A native of Scotland, Doreen worked for the British Government in Africa, corporate America in the Middle East before becoming an entrepreneur in the USf A for a while.  After another 20 years adventure in Japan and Saudi Arabia her family retired and rewired themselves in the US. However, they find themselves scattered across the globe once more!


Living overseas, in seven countries on four continents, including the Middle East for 17 years, Doreen continues to travel. Doreen loves to teach success principles and witness people using them to make create new dreams.




  1. What is life like as an expat calling home to 6 different countries on 4 different continents.

  2. Discussing the 7 ingredients it takes to be a successful expat.

  3. The type of skills you can utilize to create a fulfilling life in another country.

  4. How having a coach can be help you adapt to the changes of either leaving or returning back to your country.





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