4 Stunning Stops In Spain You Need To Visit





When others heard we were going to Spain, naturally they had to ask…


“Are you going to Barcelona?”




“Umm, Seville?”


“Ohh, then where are you guys going?”



There are other cities and places to see besides the main sites. Spain is actually pretty big. We also like to throw everyone a curveball and respond, “well, we don’t really have a plan, just gonna pick a direction and go.” And we’re not joking either!


There’s something to be said for “just winging it” because it always amazes us how satisfied and happy we return. Instead of following in the path of others, how about blazing your own trail. When arriving in a new place with this mindset, the trip becomes your blank canvas.


So skip the places “you’re supposed to see”, for now, and visit some of these gems we found.


goal traveler-cabodegata-spain.jpg

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Would you believe me if I told you the direction we decided to begin our road trip was decided by our Uber driver from the airport?

If you’ve read other posts then you know the answer and aren’t surprised.!

No seriously, our Uber driver recommended a place that didn’t have many tourists and is incredibly beautiful. He was spot on. Coves, sandy beaches, flamingos (Cyd’s favorite), and Europe’s only true mainland desert climate. This place was incredibly beautiful and laid back. Just look...


goal traveler-san jose-spain.jpg

San José, Andalucia

Once again, beautiful sandy beaches, isolated, and amazing seafood! On the outskirts of Cabo de Gata Natural Park, San José sits isolated and in no hurry to be discovered. I feel bad writing about this place but if you want fewer people, fresh seafood, cafes, and tapas bars, this is the stop.

Don’t expect too much of a nightlife because everyone is totally ok lounging streetside with a glass of wine.


goal traveler-valldemossa-spain.jpg

Valldemossa, Mallorca

Ok, this is a place we knew we were staying but I didn’t know what to expect. It could have easily sucked. I’m happy to report that’s not the case. The island of Mallorca is well known for its beaches and party scene, but the real beauty is found in the mountains.

Valldemossa was founded in 123 B.C.! Yup, it’s that old and nestled into the Tramuntana Mountains. The famous Polish composer, Frederic Chopin, found inspiration from these mountains and stayed for an extended period of time. The view of this town will never leave us.


goal traveler-granada-spain.jpg


Alright, I had to include one “proper” city on this list. I included Granada because it was the only city we visited in Spain. AND, because it’s that good! This might have been the only place we both needed to see, and for good reason.

Narrow “pedestrian” streets winding throughout the hillside, ancient Moorish buildings, and snow-capped mountains make it one of the most interesting cities we’ve ever visited. In just 2 hours of driving, we went from the only desert in Europe to staring at mountains over 11,000ft. insert sarcasm here ->

Oh, and the food was ok too! Dude, I need to go back and I don’t say that about many places. Granada finds itself on a special list for us and one of us might have even liked it more than Barcelona. ::cough cough:: Cyd. Whenever I head back to Spain, all other cities will now be compared to Granada. I shall call it: The Granadan Rubric! Not very imaginative, but whatever. You get it!


Have you been to Spain, what is a unique city or location that you fell in love with? Share with us in the comments below.