PODCAST: Ep.17 Live A Life Of Excellence


Today, in episode 17 we will be speaking to Chris & Lindsey from Hug Your Chaos

Lindsay and Christopher Jones are 'Life Excellence Gurus' and the founders of Hug Your Chaos, a life empowerment brand that is dedicated to challenging everything. Both are published authors and currently working on their second books. They are dedicated to the pursuit of living life to the fullest, even when Chris is crying or Lindsay is raging because the messiness that is a part of life.  They refuse to hide their struggles, to push them under the rug and project a pretty picture. They thrive in the messy, emotional, and real, which gave birth to the Hug Your Chaos brand and movement.

Lindsay and Chris are intent on teaching the world that the struggles don’t need to be destructive if we just own them from the start! In short, they ‘hug their chaos.’

They continue their joint human experience and have started teaching others how they can do the same: they love watching others free themselves from reactivity through their coaching and empowerment programs!

They have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of their professional lives to helping others plant the seeds of self-love and free themselves from habits that no longer serve them. To learn that it’s ok to feel ok, no matter what is happening around them. (And for that matter, it’s ok not to feel ok too.)


  • Their journey from struggles, to finding each other, to quitting their careers for a more adventurous life.
  • What inner workings they have done to live a life of excellence.
  • How they help others own their thoughts and find their happiness.
  • RV life and how they never plan to conform to a conventional way of living.






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