PODCAST: Ep. 16 A Creative Way To Use Your Passions To Travel


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Today's episode 16 and we will be speaking to Kevin Wenning owner of Intentionally Lost Cycling and Photography Adventures.

Kevin Wenning is a traveler who believes in exploring any location on your own terms; whether that's your own hometown or a remote corner of the world.

Have you ever lost your travel inspiration? Well, that's what happened to Kevin for a few years. When he couldn't find a travel experience that allowed him to practice his passions for cycling and photography on the same trip he decided to create his own. And that's how he restored his passion for travel.

His projects now focus on photography as art and on educating anyone who picks up a camera to find their vision and voice. He consults with corporate clients to decorate their spaces with artworks from their employees, and frequently with artworks of his own. He can approach any subject or location from an editorial, commercial or artistic perspective.

“Cycling in a new location connects me with that place almost as deeply & personally as photographing it, and I want to help other people experience that."

We cover:

  • Kevin’s 3 very different passions, travel, cycling, and photography.
  • How he has managed to use all three to build a business to continue them for a lifetime.
  • And how he hopes for it to build into a strong like-minded community

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