Adventures In Shopping Locally

On our podcast this week, The Traveler Broads provided us with the GOAL Challenge to only shop locally for the day. We loved this idea and decided to complete our Sunday errands visiting only local small businesses.


Shopping local can provide an array of benefits.


First, you are helping to create more local jobs. When we shop locally, more of our money stays local, creating a direct positive impact on the entire city. Job wise and even real-estate is known to rise upwards of 50% due to a strong small business community.


Local businesses tend to have a diverse selection of products, which is great to dabble in trying new things instead of the quick-to-grab items you see at large chain stores.


Why wouldn’t we get honey from the bee farm in our very own backyard opposed to the ones shipped from who knows where in our large supermarket?


All in all, small businesses uild a stronger community. We loved that we discovered someplace new on this Sunday Funday and look forward to trying more our community has to offer.


Do you like to shop locally?

What products or services do you tend to use small businesses for?

Share with us in the comments below. 


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