You Can Connect To Nature In Nevada With This Trek

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When you hear Nevada, usually one picture comes to mind. The bright lights of Vegas.

Honestly, I don’t think many even think twice about what else the state has to offer. Most picture a big dessert, dry, hot, and then poof... Vegas. Am I right?

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You forget that Nevada is surrounded by mountains. Lots of them.

So high in the sky that you can witness them snow capped in the cooler months.

Nevada can offer a lot for the outdoorsman: hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding. The crazy part is you really don’t have to travel far from Vegas to experience it.


When visiting in April, I knew I had to finally experience something other than the “strip”.

I had to get outside and see what else this state has to show for itself. One of the closer and more popular parks is Red Rock Canyon, only 20 minutes from the strip. If you travel only an hour away you will find a less popular site, Valley Of Fire State Park, and it does not disappoint.

My friend and I ate a hearty breakfast, packed a few snacks, and hit the road. The park is designed with several popular stops.

What is convenient is you really don’t need more than a full day to experience it all.

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Each attraction is conveniently close to where you park with the longest treks being a little over a mile long. Very comforting for the beginner hiker. Stops offer unique rock formations to view with vibrant colors. Rocks fall in the shape of beehives, archways, and even elephants. (no joke)

One of the coolest things is spotting ancient Petroglyphs in the stones from the Native Americans. There are areas where this is blocked off to view up close, but on some hikes all you need to do is look up to find them in their purest form.


Wildlife roam the area freely with lizards and turtles and bright colored flowers. If you are lucky you will spot a bighorn sheep grazing in the grass.

The park offers limited camping for those interested in making a night out of it and I’d imagine capturing the sunset amongst the rocks is a sight to see. If you do the day trip, it is only $10 per vehicle.


So what do you think?

Take a break from all the partying in Vegas and dive into some of nature's most beautiful displays.

Trust me, it’s worth it.