VLOG 4: Adventures In A Bookstore


We're taking on the GOAL Of The Week. Our infamous coin flip hosted on every podcast episode. This week it landed on a GOAL CHALLENGE. This challenge was presented to us by our guest on Podcast 13 of The Just Go Network, Kaila K from The Content Castle. Her challenge was to find an old/used bookstore, research a genre of books you normally don't buy and purchase one to read. An adventure to open up your mind creatively.

We loved this challenge that aided us in discovering a store we had no idea existed in our very own backyard! The Old Book Store in Morristown, NJ is a gem that I hope more people are aware of. I want to make sure more stores like this stay in existence. The outcome of this challenge not only opened up our mind to consider different stories to read but reminded us to shop local, take care of our small businesses, because it's here that the heart of our community is alive.



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