This Growing City Will Surprise You In NJ

We mention often that every day can, and should, feel like an adventure. We love going on our big trips, but the majority of our time is spent discovering what is in our own backyard.

We live in NJ and are proud of it. There’s a lot this state has to offer that many overlook, and quite frankly, we like it that way.

Keep it to ourselves, we don’t need you here. ;)

I could write for days on our lovely state, but instead, I’m going to focus on our beautiful city instead.


God, I love it here.

I do feel we have the best of many worlds with this location and here is why.



Morristown is a very historical city.

You can find the old stomping grounds of General George Washington himself and his revolutionary routes, the Vail Mansion that Stephen Vail built while working alongside of Samuel FB Morse on perfecting the Telegraph, or Colonel Ford’s Mansion and the gravesite of his entire family dating back to the 1700’s.

Today one of cities biggest highlights is The Seeing Eye, the oldest existing guide dog school in the world with its first graduating class in 1929. We often watch the dogs in training on the streets daily as the Seeing Eye pioneers guide the dog's movement.

We have a slew of history here and the architecture never disappoints. A growing city that cares to salvage its past time. We often drive through the streets enjoying old colonel mansions with their tall pillars and wide front porches. Stunning.


We are surrounded by parks.

Which makes us outdoor enthusiasts quite the happy campers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 6.29.25 PM.png

Just the other day I witnessed a huge black bear in our yard. Our cat, Tito, came running in wide-eyed not sure what he had seen or what to do. We have an abundance of animals frequenting our yard.

Our surroundings consist of Lewis Morris County Park and Jockey Hollow Park offering an array of attractions. There are 12 miles of trails to get lost on, great for hikes, dirtbikes,  and equestrian trails. Throughout the trails you can find an array of open fields for picnics, baseball, dog parks, and family activities.

In the summer there is a lake beach to enjoy, paddle boat, or fish. In the winter, if snow allows you can snowshoe or cross country ski.

Crossover to Jockey Hollow and discover more history like General Washington's Continental army’s winter encampment from 1779, where they survived through what would be the coldest winter on record.



Alongside vast lands of forest are those of farms.

We are known as the Garden State, believe it or not.

Thanks to our beautiful four seasons we are able to grow some insanely delicious produce. It has become so easy for us to shop at a local farmers market all year long. Receiving farm fresh eggs, produce, or honey. We are forever thankful for this

We have history, we have forest, we have farms, but what about the general city activities.

There are tons!





This city is thriving with restaurants, bars, and entertainment.

What is amazing is the majority of the locations are local small businesses, self owned. You will not find a TGIFridays here and it’s glorious. Thai, Malaysian, Italian, American, the cuisines are endless, from fine dining to casual eateries. We have been here for 4 years and have yet to sample every location.

We are surrounded by several colleges, but instead of diving into favoring one type of customer the city offers an array for all types of customers.

We do tend to steer away from the bars on the Green around that 11pm hour.

Welcome to our thirties.

Pine Me

Pine Me


I have been frequenting Morristown for ages, being that young college girl here partying, to now living here and sitting at the local cafes for work daily. This city we love, it has a growing community, provides a little bit of everything to enjoy, and is still close enough to the big apple if you want to commute, many often do.






So the next time you are looking for a little spot to enjoy a weekend in NJ, head over to Morristown.

It’s the perfect city to fulfill a days worth of activities.

Give us a ring and we will gladly show you some of our favorite stops.