The Best Ways To Save For Vacation




One of the BIGGEST misconceptions about travel is it’s too expensive. I can easily go on for hours on how to squash this mindset, but I won’t bore you with that today. If money is your worry, then how can we make it easier for you to book travel without igniting that fear of “I’m going to be broke after this?”


There is one MAJOR solution that Marc and I implemented years ago. I was really happy when I heard our friends at Honey Trek, suggest this in The GOAL Of The Week


Now before I tell you, you have to promise me that you are ready to make a small change.

And if you promise me this, I will promise you that travel will be 10x easier to say “yes” to.

Promise? ::Hand out::

I promise. ::Shakes hands::

Ready for it?


You have to SAVE for it.

Now hold on, hold on, before you say, “Duh, Cydny!” Let me explain.

You have to save for it just like you are saving for your retirement.

Just like you are saving for a house.

Or kids.

Or whatever you are saving for that has become another “bill” for your life.

This is when you say…. Okay… Go on...


We all know that facts state that allowing yourself time-off, whether that’s vacation or a staycation, will provide numerous benefits. There should be no arguing that you need to reward yourself at least once a year. A day to get pampered, go to the spa, read a nice book, or a week hiatus on a white sand beach, or a one month trip throughout Europe. Who knows how much you need and how far you are willing to go, but we can both agree that it’s a necessity for your sanity.


And since it is, wouldn’t it be so much easier to say, "YES! BOOK IT,” when you save?



Our savings is precisely how we manage to go on all our trips each year. This fund has saved us countless of times.  We, of course, take it to the extreme as our highest bill each month, but that’s us, the lifestyle we want to live.


Since we have been doing this for a while we have a few suggestions that can make even the tightest of incomes save each year. To be honest, we are always on a tight income, no one else pays for our trips but us, we didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in our mouth, so if we can do it, you can too!


 an automatic savings account.

This is our favorite way of saving. It can be done at your local bank or an online banking system. We personally like using an account separate from our everyday bank. Here’s why, if you use the popular banks like Chase, Bank of America, TD, you are often likely to be checking on your accounts and credit cards linked to them. If your travel savings account was in the same portal, you would be seeing that amount build, and at times that can be rewarding, but at other times it can be tough. Imagine getting hit with a heavy bill or wanting to splurge on something you don’t need. The temptation would be too high to dip into it.

I want to avoid that temptation at all costs. So we opened with an online bank like Ally, Allient, or  Capital One. We have linked it up to our checking account and set it to pull money each week. Our mindset is it’s another bill we have to pay, just this time, that payee is us.

To steer away from removing a large chunk of change from our account each month we decided to make it smaller increments each week.

It’s all a play on our own mind. You have to know the type of person you are in order to make this work most effectively.

The glory of it, is it can always change. I can save more money for larger trips or save less when we are in a rough spot, but regardless it will ALWAYS pull. We made a pact that this was unquestionable, it’s something we must have in our life.



Acorns is this little investment app. We know nothing about investments, NOTHING, but this app makes it super simple to get started. You select your portfolio and the level of risk you wish to take, low - high, connect it to your bank account, and make money. I swear that’s all we have done. You can surely do more research and bigger things if you are interested in investments, but if you are the average joe like us, then just follow the prompts and watch it work.

What it does, is it helps you invest your money through your daily spendings. It takes the spare change from your purchases by rounding it up to the nearest dollar. Cash is a dying form of payment, so this is the simplest way to save that extra change. It’s not only taking the change and saving it, but investing it to earn more. Such a smart app and surprisingly adds up quickly. Your few dollars each week go a long way.

You are probably wondering if the app is free, and its not, it’s a whole $1 a month. Cheaper than your bank accounts. We are not sponsored by ACORNS, but if you sign up with this link you will be helping us continue to create content on this blog. So please do, if you are interested.


Save Your Pennies

If you are one to handle cash often, there is the old school piggy bank way of savings. We do this as well, but since the physical cash flow is low, it takes awhile to save up a decent amount, but it is always rewarding seeing my pretty glass vase fill up.


So what do you say?

Do you think you can handle this much?

It will only take a few minutes out of your day to get this started.

Making it automatic will help you set it and forget it!

Out of sight and out of mind, until you one day check in and go, HOLY SMOKES I’M RICH! TIME TO GET OUT AND LIVE!

We are holding you accountable. Make it happen this week and share with us, in the GT Community, that you did it!

Each time someone shares a small win, the more motivated we all become to see, experience, and live more!