PODCAST: Ep 8. Peace Corp & Navy Couple Were Destined For A Life Of Adventure


On today’s episode, we will be chatting with Derik & Erin Bowen with Our Traveling Tales. Two crazy kids who really love to see the world but can’t quite quit their day job since the US Navy grounds on that. Their exploration ranges from Space A flights to Europe to local adventures, and the forever change of what they call home due to life in the Navy. They just want to see it all!!”


We cover

  • Life in the Navy & Peace Corp and how these two use it to their advantage.
  • Exploring locally, never taking for granted of what is in your backyard.



Derik & Marc Chamonix Experience: Part 1  "Be Nice To Your Airline Employee"

Check out Derik & Erin's adventures at OUR TRAVELING TALES


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