PODCAST: Ep 3. A Couple That Picked Up And Left For A New City. Scary?

On today’s episode, we'll be chatting with our sister Madisyn and her boyfriend Tony.

They were both born and raised near the tri-state area in NJ and Pennsylvania, but now call home to the wild city of New Orleans Louisiana. These two have experienced a handful of travel, but what truly makes them adventurous is their ambition to take risks and try something new. We will be discussing.

We cover:

  • What brought them to uproot their lives from the East Coast to then find New Orleans as home. (It wasn’t friends or family)
  • The difficulties and excitements of starting fresh in a new city.
  • How the experience pushed them to create something unique of their own.

Madisyn and Tony can be found on Instagram at @ohhico

To view and purchase their papergoods visit - https://ohhi.co/


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