PODCAST: Ep. 10 Choosing Minimalism To Live A More Fulfilling Life


On today’s episode, we will be chatting with Kashlee Kucheran from Travel Off Path. Kashlee and her husband Trevor are full-time digital nomads who have used minimalism to allow them the freedom to travel the world! With only 2 suitcases each, they choose a new place to call ‘home’ every few months, all while building their brand online. They sold their house and 90% of their belongings in order to travel together for the next 10 years.

We cover:

  • The steps it took to embrace a nomadic life from what was once a cookie cutter one.

  • What is minimalism and how to get started

  • Motivation at its finest.


Guest Info:



Enjoy Yoga "Om" The Go - www.bitly.com/omthego 


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