Affordable Travel Made Easy With These Strategies

After this week's podcast with Honey Trek who is on the world’s longest honeymoon, it triggered us to share about how we budget for travel. It is always one of the top questions we receive.

How do you do it?

As of right now, we pay for everything out of our own pockets, we are not sponsored or paid in any way to travel for free. Sure that is the dream, but not the reality.

From the get-go, Marc and I knew that travel would be a priority in our lives.

We always played it smart on how we spend our money in order to use it where we love most. We make sacrifices in our daily lives for these experiences. We don’t own a home, we don’t have a fancy car, or shop at designer stores, because the truth is those things don’t fulfill our soul as much as travel does.

Even our own wedding took sacrifices and we are so happy it did.

We had a budget wedding in order to have an extravagant 3-week honeymoon. There was nothing budget feeling about it, it was hands down the best evening of our lives. We had so much fun with all our friends and family and we are ecstatic we did it this way. It was a smart move for money and for creating an intimate memorable celebration.

So we decided with this video to take you down memory lane, share with you how we planned our wedding and the strategies we put in place in order to save tons. To this day we continue utilizing these strategies to continue to afford traveling throughout the year.

Did you learn anything?

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