4 Must-See Places On Fremont Street In Las Vegas


Oh, Vegas.

We all see it at some point in our lives, but for some, we end up there more than we want. Some may love to gamble, party, sin, etc., and that’s ok--no judgment. “What happens in Vegas…”, you know how it goes.


At this point in my life, it just doesn’t do it for me. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to rally for one night.Usually, my introvert-voice screams at all the drunken tourists, excessive sounds of the machines, and crowded bars.

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My last trip was no different. This time I was visiting my bestie who moved there temporarily, and like me, didn’t care to visit the main strip.

So how should two gals have some fun?

Well let me tell ya, these 4 stops did not disappoint.

Let me begin with Fremont Street, considered old Las Vegas. This area is very much a tourist trap, but I think many don’t realize it’s there. If you take the strip downtown (which is actually north) towards the historic section, past the cheesy wedding chapels, you will stumble upon the neon light infested scenery. There’s a popular pedestrian walkway where many venture to see Elvis perform, take picture with showgirls, and battle penny slots. It’s a sight to see and experience what I imagine Vegas was in the 80’s, in all its tacky glory.


It’s already a popular area for tourists, so for me, it’s not enough to get away from the Vegas we come to know so well. What I want to share with you is in the opposite direction of Fremont.

When all the moths, I mean people, are traveling towards the light, you walk the other way. You see on the other end offers a very different experience, that I have come to love.


Side Note: I apologize for the lack of photos, but sometimes I prefer to be present, rather than snapping away every chance I get. I hope my juicy descriptions will entice you enough.


Le Thai

A small, simple, Thai place with an outdoor patio area, always has a wait.

Why? Because it’s that damn good.

There isn’t much to say about it, you can easily walk right on by, but don’t be mistaken by its casual vibe, it delivers. If you’re a fan of Thai, then you must take the ride downtown. I am one to rarely finish my plate, but I practically licked mine spotless. Relaxed dining, reasonably priced, and delicious, can’t beat it for Vegas.


Park On Fremont

Gastropub style offers an eclectic creative vibe that so much of Vegas is missing. I felt like I was somewhere in Williamsburg Brooklyn with its hipster vibes. They have a fun array of cocktails mixed with an out-of-the-box selection of comfort food that isn’t over the top. It’s one of those spots that can be good to visit no matter what time of day, thanks to its trendy yet open vibe.

Did I mention the decor is out of this world? They managed to add quirky vibes in almost every corner. Put it this way, we ended up here several times during our stay.


The Laundry Room

A speakeasy that isn’t easy to find, and I refuse to tell you all the details because that takes away all the fun.

We stumbled upon this thanks to the bartender at Park. He was sporting a tiny clothespin on his sleeve, of which I questioned. He explained that on top of the clothespin was engraved a phone number and if you text it you will be told if a reservation is available…

Go on...

If you can confirm a table they then give you directions. Inside is an itty bitty, dark, yet straight from the prohibition-style speakeasy.

I mean they have crystal decanters as light fixtures, come on!

Two bartenders were behind the bar making some of the best cocktails I’ve had in awhile.

Pricey? Yes, but I think New York is still more. They averaged around $16 a cocktail.

They have an extensive menu, but I love challenging the bartender with “dealers choice”. Let them know your style and watch them whip up something divine. You know a drink is proper when you don’t taste the alcohol. That’s a great mixologist.

Don’t Tell Mama’s

This place!

Man, it’s so wrong, yet so right. One of the dingiest places I have been in a while. They still smoke inside and you’re served drinks in a plastic cup. And decor? There is none.

Do I have you sold yet?

From first glance, they have nothing going for them, but there is one thing...a piano man. One guy on the piano that takes requests and an open mic for guests to sing.

Now before you go on saying, “another piano bar Cyd? You are trying to sell me on karaoke at a piano bar?”

I thought the same at first, until I started listening.

One after another, after another, were amazingly talented singers. I don’t know where they came from. You would easily peg everyone as amateurs until they crush Whitney Houston and Adele covers. Then the bartenders with the hoarse-smoker voices will grab the mic and belt out Katy Perry.

Who? What? Where? It was crazy.

I don’t know if it’s a secret spot among local performers or it’s just a place to test out talent. But trust me, you’ll be entertained.


Will you try them out? If you do, let us know what you think.

Or share any secret spots you love to go too, so we can try them out in the future.



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