Time to Refocus

Today marks our 50th blog! 



That’s a heck of a lot of writing!


During this time, Marc and I have taken a step back to re-evaluate things.


Refocusing is very much in the works.


After chatting with Jessie Festa with Jessie On A Journey in Podcast 9, and Kashlee Kucheran, with Travel Off Path, in Podcast 10 (to be released next week). We got amped. Speaking to like-minded business owners whose passions are similar to ours, gets you motivated.


It’s time we really detail who we are and what we’re doing. This is when you can be very helpful to us and share your thoughts.


We have decided to strongly stick to 3 platforms. Blogs, Podcasts, and now Youtube. Our plans aren’t fully complete yet, but here is what we are thinking.

Our overall focus is to challenge you to embrace everyday adventures. That is why we call ourselves adventure motivators. Kind of like the Tony Robbins of travel.

Now wouldn’t that be a nice comparison?

We show by example through our crazy trips in hopes that you will one day take a step outside of your comfort zones to embrace a little adventure in your daily lives.


Our Schedule:


Podcasts: Every Monday

We are loving this new outlet. Right now our focus is showcasing other adventurers. We love learning how others looks at the world and take advantage of it to accommodate their dream lifestyle. We hope that these interviews help you see the many ways you can adventure, because we aren’t the only way.


Blogs: Every Wednesday

You can depend on our weekly blogs to be a source for you. Use them to learn about destinations, to receive travel tips, or simply get motivated through our journeys.


Youtube: Projecting Every Friday

We may be biting off more than we can chew, but we wanted to begin vlogging. Here’s why…. we wanted to keep it real. And the truth is, not everything is as beautiful as it seems on the interwebs. We all showcase our best selves. We don’t want to de-motivate with our vlogs, but we want to show you more behind the scenes of GT. Why? Because we have no damn clue what we are doing. We are learning everyday, and we want to embrace that and hope that you might be able to relate. I believe we are always in a transition period, and it’s quite alright to let people know that. So here we are, showing you exactly where we are at.


Between all this, I’ll be trying to keep up with our daily posts on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter. Especially in our Facebook group.

As you can see, if you follow my personal account, they are pretty stagnant. All my time is spent on GOAL Traveler accounts, so it’s best to catch us there.


One exciting new addition to our technology is we purchased a DRONE! Marc is on a mission to master the camera, I stink at it but I’m trying. I prefer all this juicy content. So our video perspectives and editing will eventually be up a few notches. Time to learn a more professional editing program. It never ends.


Between that, we will continue to come out with services that we think can benefit you, we currently have 4 now, with some sweet freebies.


The thing is. We have a dream. We want to live a life on our own standards, freely. And we are scared as hell to get there. I quit my job for this, Marc is stuck working 2 jobs, to make up for the cost. I’m spinning my wheels every day to get this baby off the ground so we can one day hit the road for the long haul, but until then it's taking as many trips as our bank accounts will allow.

GOAL TRAVELER_Ireland_Gap_Of_Dunloe.jpg


Want to help us?

Then we simply ask for your support.

You have NO IDEA how much your likes, subscribes, reviews, comments, and shares go! It seems like nothing on your end, but to ours, it’s everything. You see, in order to connect with other companies, brands, tours, we need a strong following. Our Google analytics needs to be sky high. Ya, we have to send all those details out every time we try and connect with someone. And having 3000 followers versus 5000 could make all the difference.


If you love being a part of this community, then we would love for you to do any of the above.


Help us make our dreams come true so we can continue to help motivate you towards yours.


In return, we are here for you every step of the way. You have questions, thoughts, things you want to hear more of, things you don’t like. TELL US! Seriously, give us a ring, shoot us an email. We love it, because we love this job, and we love you! <3


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