This Is How To Make Adventure A Priority

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Marc and I have always considered ourselves to be minimalists- to a certain extent.

We always have one focus in mind.

To spend our money on experiences rather than things.


We have an apartment, it’s nicely decorated.

Our clothes aren’t full of holes.

And our lives are rich.

But we do keep it simple.


People always wonder how we manage to see so much. So after this weeks podcast featuring Kashlee Kucheran, “The High Maintenance Minimalist,” we decided now is the perfect time to break things down for you.


Let me preface this; being a minimalist does not mean you have to survive off of two outfits and life in a van. Quite the contrary. I think people look at that term and feel threatened by it. They immediately think the worst.


I have to sell everything? Why?


You just have to simplify your life.


Minimalism helps you get organized. You become very aware of what your values are and what isn’t. Decisions become much easier without clutter. Literal and figurative clutter.


The term, “less is more,” is about not making things complicated and that is minimalism.


Where do we begin...?



First, we discussed what was important to us and how we felt the best preparing. We have several savings accounts that we treat like bills. No excuses. This includes retirement funds, our “oh-shit” funds, and of course, our travel funds.

Yes, we do not want to get old and have nothing. Preparing for the future is smart, but it’s not everything. The truth is, we are all slaves to a clock and we don’t know when it will stop ticking. Many people may think this is foolish, but we prefer living a more present lifestyle.

Sure we save,

sure we are prepared,

but we aren’t putting all our time and energy into retirement.

Sorry, but we choose to live a little more freely now while our bodies and minds allow. We don’t want to die as the richest person in the graveyard...seems like a waste.


The “oh-shit” funds are exactly as it sounds. We always have a savings fund that we put into regularly for those crappy moments life throws at you.

SHIT, my computer just crashed.

Welp here is 2k to get another one.

Yeah, we like Apple.

It doesn’t hurt so bad when you have a little something set aside to ease the burden.


Lastly, our largest fund, the travel fund. Why? Because it’s the one thing in our life that means the most to us. I never want to have the excuse that I can’t go somewhere because “we can’t afford it.”  So we save.

We save a lot and spend it proudly.

Someone once told me, every time you receive a check “pay yourself first.”  The best advice I ever received. But before you do, you need to understand what’s important to you.


How do you want to live your best life?

Where do you picture your money going?


And if any of you say,

“I just CAN’T put anything away.”

I wave my finger and say tisk tisk!


You need to evaluate your needs and be smart. If you want to travel then it’s time to let go of something that isn’t as important. Say you spend $20 a week on Starbucks? Well make your coffee at home and set your savings account to automatically pull $20 a week. In 3 months you will have $300 which can get you a plane ticket.


Those automatic deposits are a godsend. There is NEVER a time that I say turn it off. EVER. It is always, “what do I need to adjust in my routine to keep this going?” Think about it.


Cutting Back

Never a fun thing to do, but it’s very important to evaluate your monthly spendings. Your bank or credit card can provide you a rough estimate of your spending categories that you can analyze.  Or you can be a nut like me and create an excel spreadsheet every month.


I’m proud of our money and I like to see exactly where it goes. Looking at it that way makes it fun. You should never cringe at the thought of where your money goes.

Money is an energy. It comes and goes and will always be a cycle. It’s okay to have a down month if you are content with adjusting accordingly.  


It’s simply a time when we get real. What do we need to be spending on, versus what we don’t? Sometimes we spend way too much at bars and drinking. Sometimes it’s eating out. Sometimes it just is what it is, like car issues.


For instance, we will NEVER say no to spending on our health.

We spend a significant amount of money on food, but what we buy is very healthy, tons of vegetables, fruits, organic, and farm to table. We also spend a decent amount on activities that we consider to be our exercise. In the winter it's skiing & snowboarding, summer it’s rock climbing and yoga. I turn a blind eye to these expenses because I know we value them significantly and they make us happy.


Always a priority in our lives.


Now, drinking and eating crap food. Sure we indulge here and there, but the happiness odometer is never as high as it is compared to other spending.


Removing Clutter

Every season Marc and I do a clean sweep around the house. When I say a clean sweep, I mean a meticulous, obsessive-compulsive day of purging. I open up every drawer and every closet. Go through it and decide what needs to go and what doesn’t.

Have I used this in the past year?

Do I even like this anymore?

And then I decide if can sell it or donate. It’s the best feeling in the world.I have local consignment shops or the Facebook market to receive some money back. Or I donate it to local shelters or a Good Will.


The house is clear of clutter, I have purged the unnecessary, and I made some money back.


So now it’s your turn.

Spring cleaning is here and it should start with your wants and needs and lead into the physical rubbish.


Need more motivation, start by listening to podcast Ep 10. 

If that doesn’t get you moving, then I don’t know what else will.