Why It's Time To Take Up A Hobby

Hobby...that word gets thrown around so much that it’s lost much of its meaning.

Let’s pump some fuel into this word and bring some of that fiery passion back.


Too many people I know get stuck in the grind.

Wake up, go to work, come home, sleep. Usually spiced up with some eating, some drinking, and maybe the occasional work out (if they’re lucky).

If you are about to say, “well, working out and cooking is my hobby.”

Stop it right there.

Are you someone who can’t wait to come home to your kitchen to make the next exquisite cuisine?

Or are you just saying that because you have to do it every day?

Most actually love cooking and so do we. Just making sure we’re cutting through the bullsh$t here! We’re all friends after all ;)



Hobbies are for pleasure.

It’s something you love so much that you can’t help but continue. You itch for that next experience to do it again, this time, maybe somewhere new.

We are huge proponents of vigorously pursuing these hobbies because we all know they are much more fun than work. Our day jobs can definitely get in the way of our hobbies but that must not deter us. Some of us have jobs that we don’t consider work and that’s great. I love my job because it doesn’t feel like work but I do have conflicts between my job and all my hobbies. I know….it’s an issue.


Before I continue, I understand there may be those that think they don’t have time for a hobby. I get it but I will also argue that maybe you haven’t made enough time, therefore not prioritizing time for yourself. We all need that time to work on ourselves and the smallest of hobbies can accomplish this.


One little quote that’s always stuck with me is: “I work to live, not live to work.”

Seems simple but it has always kept me in the right mindset.


I was lucky enough to always get involved in hobbies that are adventurous, challenging, educational, and has always led me to a life of travel.

Rock climbing and snowboarding have taken me to some amazing places. Climbing’s purpose has slowly evolved from an exclusive sport, then work, then recreational, and now it’s just a lifestyle that will never escape me.


Snowboarding strictly began as a hobby on the weekends and has now become the genesis of a lot of our travels. Competition and outdoor climbing were synonymous with travel. You really couldn’t have one without the other.


Lately, because of all the traveling, I have picked up some photography. I am a total and complete novice in every sense of the word. I might have even put the “cart before the horse” somewhat by purchasing equipment without any knowledge of how to properly use them.


Oh well, at least it’s something applicable and interesting to me. No regrets here.


Unlike my other hobbies, the impetus for photography was all the traveling. Snowboarding and climbing usually served as the vehicle or motive to travel and explore. Regardless, they are all related and compliment each other. I’m excited to see where handling a camera can lead and maybe, just maybe, it will be the objective or purpose of our travels.


Nobody knows where the road leads but that’s the point. Pick one or more hobbies and just watch them become a lifestyle. I would never have predicted that climbing, snowboarding, traveling, and photography would become so intertwined. I can’t distinguish where one hobby ends and another begins.


Enough about my hobbies.

Are your current hobby or hobbies feeling a little stale?

Maybe pick up something new or step back and look at your current hobby as a vehicle towards something else.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do?


What are you currently doing that has been your obsession lately?


We can’t wait to hear some of your stories or ideas so comment below!

P.S. I hated using the word “photography” to describe this new hobby. I feel like that more accurately describes an actual professional photographer. In no way do I consider myself a photographer. I like to think that at this point I’m just someone who takes photos. That is all…. carry on.