Gain 4 Shares Of Wisdom When You Change Locations

After speaking with the duo at Oh Hi Co on our latest podcast #3, it got me thinking about an array of benefits that come with leaving what you know. You see, these two packed their bags and decided to call home to New Orleans for no other reason than to simply try something new. No family there, no friends there, no job lined up, pretty adventurous, huh?

It’s one thing, Marc and I think about often. We never lived anywhere else than New Jersey. We have seen an awful lot on this Earth but never called home to anywhere else. We always chat about where else we can see ourselves, but I wonder if we one day we will actually attempt it. Always easier said than done right?  Is the grass greener on the other side?

Do you ever consider leaving? If so, what seems to be calling you? For us, it’s been, Colorado.

I decided to ask these two to provide us with some unknown benefits, some genuine GOAL Surprises that came with the change and here is what they have to say.

1. When you're the new one in town, you get a fresh slate. Use that to your advantage.

  • Hmmmm. Can you imagine? Nothing tying you down? It must be a lot easier to make decisions and move through life when your attachments are gone. Everything is new and so are you! Always a fun thought! 

2.NEW FOOD, duh. Chances are the new place you're going to has its own unique culinary scene. Whether it’s simply trading your regular pizza for deep dish, or trying a whole new meal (hello, crawfish) go ahead and eat your heart out.

  • It can be a tough adjustment at first, we are all products of habit, but it forces you to try something new, find new appreciations, new flavors, and all flavors lead to new cultures! Nom! As the foodies we are, this would be one of our favorite explorations. 
GOAL Traveler_Ohhico_Sisters.jpg

3. Maybe you high-tailed it out of your last location (and even if you didn't) you're probably going to find some silver lining and appreciation for the place you last lived.

  • In the words of Dorothy, “There’s no place like home.” Travel always reminds us to appreciate where we came from. Instead of complaining about the differences learn to love what is new and be proud of the old.

4. You'll get really strong. Literally, have you tried moving furniture up a flight of stairs? But also, you'll learn that you have the capability to navigate a new area on your own. Pat yo' back.

  • We all need that reminder that we can do things on our own. We get so content with what we know. Something as simple as navigating new roads or eating alone at new restaurants can be scary! This transformation reminds you of how awesomely confident and strong you are alone.


5. Oh and here's just a friendly reminder: register to vote in your new residence, get your mail forwarded, and go get a library card.

  • Make it official!


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