The Best Way To Tell If They Are A Keeper

Before you say, “I do”, most suggest first testing the waters out by living with one another. You really get to know if your personalities and lifestyles will mesh under one roof. We think there is a better challenge- traveling with one another. It takes living together to the extreme.

Think about it for a sec.

  1. Let’s place each other in a city or country we do not know.

  2. Let's sleep in tight quarters that we do not own.

  3. Let’s deal with languages or food we never had.

  4. Let’s use transportation that can go array.

  5. And so on, and so on....


Traveling in its simplest forms pushes your patience. Learning to let go of expectations, enjoy the present moment, and balance one another is actually harder than it sounds. It’s the quickest way to learn about one another and know if it’s going to work for the long haul.

  1. You can evaluate how you both handle new environments. Do you get stressed out? Does your significant other calm you or fuel the fire?

  2. You can evaluate how you compromise. If you like different things, does your trip become well rounded or does one personality dominate the other?

  3. Are you one to run and hit the town or are you one to sit back and relax all day? Can you work together on how you both view a trip?

  4. Then there is simply sharing living quarters. Whether it’s a hotel room or a tent, do you respect each other's space?

It’s in these moments that our true colors shine, good or bad. It is inevitable that something always goes wrong from delays to sickness, how will you both handle it to still have the ultimate travel experience?


Marc will always say that it was during our time in South Africa that he knew this was forever. That was our first trip abroad.

It took us 3 flights to get to Cape Town. I remember sleeping in the airport from exhaustion.

We had a 12-hour pit stop in Frankfurt, Germany where we left the airport and explored like maniacs.

In South Africa, we hiked Table Mountain, which was one of my first exposed hikes that had me in tears.

I was sea-sick and frightened during our boat ride to cage dive with Great White Sharks.

Marc was dragged to Stellenbosch to drink all the wine at numerous vineyards.

He drove 3 hours out, while I slept the whole ride to enjoy a private reserve tour only to return that same day.

Splurged on a boutique hotel perfectly located in downtown.

And ate all the tasty food!


Talk about a well-rounded trip! We survived happier than ever, knowing we only wanted more. It was clear that we were going to make travel our life.

Now, how about you?

Do you think the travel test is your next step in the relationship?

You can always start easy with a weekend getaway, but we challenge you to try something like we did! C’mon go explore a different country, we will show you how!