The Benefits Of Budget Travel, And It’s Not The Money

You say “budget travel” and our minds immediately think the worst. A habit we have to break. I think the word budget has a negative connotation, I like the word “smart”. “Smart Travel.”

If you heard our podcast this week, you would be amazed the number of adventures the Spence’s, whom we interviewed, managed to go on in the past few years due to their smart travel mentality. In 4 months alone, they saw 17 countries!


I know, how could you not be envious?

GOAL Traveler_campervan_iceland

So why should you consider budget, I mean, smart traveling?

Well the obvious, it’s more affordable. Right? We have this mindset, especially in America, that travel is expensive. It doesn’t have to be. If you want to see, you can see, but you have to welcome all types of experiences. Traveling doesn’t have to be a luxury equipped with  5-star resorts, white gloves, and first class. Sure, it’s nice to treat ourselves once and a while, but if you want the excuse to “JUST GO”, then smart travel is the way to be.

When you travel smart, you open up the doors to see so much more.

See more, but spend less?

Yeah, you heard that right. Why?  Well instead of saving all that doe for one trip a year, consider spreading it out to last for a couple trips.

When you travel smart you experience the city from the ground level.  

If you spend $500 a night at a hotel, you best be spending some quality time at that hotel, right? Use all the services they have and sport that robe like it’s your own. But if you decide to be smart, say Airbnb instead, you gain the locals perspective. You walk outside of your home or apartment and instead of having a cab waiting for you, you are blessed with the sidewalks those trek every day.

Goal Traveler_Wynwood Walls

When you travel smart you get an idea of what it may be like to actually live at your destination rather than visit.

Instead of going out to eat you may cook, shop at the local grocery, and play house. You may visit with work still on your mind and use your destination as a tradeoff. See something new but also play employee in a new city.



You see budget travel, doesn’t have to mean “roughing it,” it’s simply being smart and taking advantage of seeing and learning about new destinations.

Travel is and always, should be about the experience. Try to step out of your comfort zone. Depart from the safety net of common chain hotels or resorts and actually explore.

One thing for sure is time is money. And sometimes we just simply don’t have enough time to look into planning a budget trip. That’s where we come in. Sure there is a service fee, but you are saving yourself countless hours. We can still work within your budget to keep you traveling smart. ;)