How we create an EASY adventure on Valentines Day

Valentines, “Shmalentines!” I think the majority of us have gotten to a point with this holiday that we are just plain over it. Thank you, Hallmark, for creating a day that reminds us that we suck at showcasing our love and need a holiday to remind us to do so.

Am I right?


Okay, that was a little harsh. But honestly, we shouldn’t have to be reminded to share our appreciation for one another. There is no reason that I can’t give Marc a “Thinking of you” card any time of year. And there is no reason he can’t come home with a dozen roses and simply say, “I love you.” (right Marc?! ::wink wink::)  We shouldn’t have to feel pressure to showcase anything.

So we said, screw the pressure, let’s make this an excuse to adventure, our way.


February is usually a time of year that several things are happening.

  1. We are finally over the exhaustion of the holidays and back in our groove of normalcy.

  2. It’s the dead of winter which can translate to a million things in New Jersey, we may be snowed in, it may feel like spring. Who knows what we get here, but all plant-life is dead and we are starting to miss the greenery.

  3. We typically take this month off from travel to refocus for the year.

Luckily for us, we live next to the big and mighty New York City, that offers plenty of things to explore. That translates to us as FOOD, and boy is it abundant here.

So we have taken away the excuse to spend money on things like cheesy tchotchke's or overpriced flowers that will die in a week and turned it into a way to explore different cuisines from around the world.


Oh lord do we love to eat. Thanks to our parents who raised us with the “you don’t have to like it, but you have to try it,” mentality, there is pretty much nothing we won’t try. This tradition has had us diving into elaborate tasting menus sometimes as big as 10 different plates. One year it was molecular gastronomy where I had what looked like an everything bagel on my plate, but in reality, it was an ice cream dessert! Another year was sushi heaven paired with the endless variety of sake. I had no idea sake was that in depth. Last year brought us to India with spices that had my tongue dancing.

We may not travel far, but we are traveling through flavor. Food, to us, is one of the best ways to get to know a country. No matter where you go, the people have a love and appreciation for their cultural dishes that you can experience with every bite. Mmmm...


You may be thinking that going out to eat is a fairly traditional way to celebrate Valentine's Day. However, we do not celebrate on the exact day or even the week itself. Actually, we highly suggest you don’t. For us, these reservations tend to occur the week before or the week after. Restaurants are hip to the marketing and tend to be overbooked and only offer pre-fixe menus. Why be limited?

No one says we have to follow the expectations of a holiday, why not make it work for you? So we did.  We dedicate time alone together, indulge in big eats, and spend an evening in our favorite city. This is our yearly celebration of love and adventure with each other.

What adventures will the month of February have in store for you?

Inspire us with your traditions in the comments below.