Giving Thanks Around The Holidays


The one thing that I cherish most about the holidays is that through all the madness of the year, through all the go-go-go mentality, we are finally forced to hit pause and spend time with loved ones. 

Christmas has never been a huge holiday for our family.

We've grown older.

Live farther.

And our families have expanded to having families of their own.  It happens. 

But there is one holiday that none of us can pull an excuse for. The one holiday a year that the entire family gathers for. And that my friends, is my mothers holiday. 
Marc & I call it, Alice's Day, but many of you know as Thanksgiving.

My mother has run this tradition for as long as I can remember. A day filled with gluttony and laughter that she has hosted year after year touching not only our family but our friends. This holiday is a marathon that we all look forward to every Fall.

I was hesitant on sharing such a personal video. My family is far from perfect. We are a boisterous bunch that makes fun of one another. We always dance around like fools to 90's hip hop and proudly blurt out naughty jokes. As crazy as we are, we live for these moments, we live for each other because we are filled with big hearts and so much love. 

This season will never be about giving gifts to me, but always be about sharing memories with those that we love most. And for that, I have my mother to thank for instilling in me. 

I hope you enjoy this video and are reminded to love all the madness a family can bring. Enjoy every second of it because at the end of the day, they should always be what matter most. 

I am thankful.