You Can Call Me Crosswalk Renegade

Here’s some news for you.

Well maybe you know this, but my friend and I were clearly unaware.

We are from New Jersey, we frequent NYC, we walk fast, we walk aggressively.

You know that game FroggerThat's us.

We live in congested areas and although pedestrians have the right away, you better not cross believing that.



Sure, the lights tell us when to make moves, but no one obeys them.

If the road is clear, you cross. Simple


Because we are all in a rush.

It’s embedded in us. The sidewalks in NYC aren’t even large enough to hold everyone. People walk on the street in between taxi’s just to get ahead of the crowd on the way to the subway.


Did I make my point yet?


Fast forward to San Diego. It’s around 9:30 am and we are looking for a cafe to grab a coffee before we begin our day. We are in Pacific Beach and only a few blocks from the main part of town. It’s sunny out (duh, it’s San Diego). We are in our workout clothes, smiling and happy.

Goaltraveler_San diego_palm trees.JPG

Don’t we sound like tough chicks?

We walk to the crosswalk. You know, the section where you are "supposed" to cross?

No, we didn’t jaywalk. We obeyed! So we thought.


The night before we were “jaywalking” all around downtown as we bar hopped. An old friend got nervous and said, “You know they fine for that!” We brushed it off and said he lost his east coast mentality.


Back to the crosswalk.


The light for the cars had just turned yellow as we stepped on to the street. The countdown for the “don’t walk” hand was at 7.


We ran across.


Stepped onto the other sidewalk and “WHOOP WHOOP,” sounds the alarm.


We looked at each other confused as the woman cop says, “ladies you can’t cross the crosswalk when you did.”

“Okay, but the light was yellow.”

“Yes, but you don’t obey the traffic lights, you obey the walking sign.”

“Since when?”

She stares at us….

“The walking sign was counting down, I don’t understand, mam.”

“We are strictly enforcing this law because this is a dangerous section, ladies.”


Dangerous section? This wasn’t a highway, it was a normal quiet intersection, how would she ever survive on the east coast?


Mam, can you explain what exactly we did wrong here?”

“You are only allowed to attempt to cross the crosswalk when the white walking sign is lit, if it’s the yellow sign you are not allowed to attempt to cross.”

“Even when there is plenty of time, you can step onto the crosswalk?”



We timed it and the white walk figure only goes off for 3 seconds. You have a total of 3 seconds to cross or you have to wait for the entire traffic process to repeat until it comes on again.


“I’m sorry ladies but I have to write you both a ticket.”

I swear you guys.



In the midst of her actions, a gentleman crossed the crosswalk as we did… she claimed she didn’t see it.


I’ve walked around San Diego and watched hippies snort coke on the street corner, offering molly to those who walk by. Bums smoking weed on the beach and drunkenly yelling at pedestrians as they go by. But you know, my girlfriend and I are the derelicts you need to watch out for.

God forbid we cross in the crosswalk when the hand is yellow.


Clearly a cop on a power trip.

As she wrote up our ticket, she looks at me and questions.

Cydny, what is your eye color?

Cydny, how much do you weigh?

Cydny, is this still your address?


YES, LADY! Who do you think I am? She didn’t question my girlfriend, at all.


She then asked for Molly to sign my ticket by mistake. (first time on the job, mam?)


Wondering how much the ticket is? She didn’t have an answer for us because it’s her first time enforcing this law. (clearly excited about it)



30 minutes later, we got our coffee and returned back to the crosswalk. There she was sitting at her stoop to hunt more pedestrians. Meanwhile, a car blew through a red light and she managed to miss it.


Can you tell I’m heated?


Hey, thanks lady for leaving me with a good story to share. Ladies and gentleman, obey the walking signs and only pass when the white man says. The digital white man, that is.





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