5 Standout Stops For A Complete Adventure In Santorini, Greece

Yes, Santorini is as beautiful as pictures suggest. Actually, it’s better in person and all the more reason why you should go.


The island of Santorini is basically all that remains after one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history. The steep cliffs, where whitewashed buildings miraculously cling, are remnants of the volcano's caldera and rim. Before the eruption 3600 years ago, it was believed Santorini’s islands were all connected, creating the rim of the volcano. What remains are stunning cliffside dwellings hovering almost 1000 ft above perfectly blue Aegean Sea. We were lucky enough to honeymoon in this amazing destination and wanted to share some of our favorite spots and activities because you WILL go there someday soon!



Santo Winery

This may have been the most picturesque winery we’ve ever visited. We had no idea this island boasted such a rich wine culture and history that didn’t disappoint. The winery sits atop one of the highest points on the island and offers ridiculous views to pair with some fabulous wine and cheese. Winemaking on Santorini dates back thousands of years to the 3rd millennium B.C. It’s amazing that grapes even grow on the island but the Assyrtiko varietal will blow you away. Perfect place to spend an afternoon, or evening, or whole friggin’ day!

Goaltraveler_Santos Winery_Views.jpg

Skaros Rock Sunset

Near the middle of the island, there is a tiny peninsula that sticks out and is home to Skaros Rock. What may look barren is actually historically significant to Santorini because it was once the first fortress built to protect from invading pirates. Ruins still remain from this rocky outcropping dating back to the 15th century. The hike to the rock can take about an hour round trip but plan on staying for the sunset.

Everyone thinks the best sunset is found in the town of Oia but we beg to differ. Bring a headlamp or flashlight, along with a bottle of wine, and sit back and enjoy a near private sunset compared to the herds watching in Oia. 


Red Beach

This is probably the most unique beach we’ve ever visited, even compared to the Red Beach in Maui. A trip here is worth it even if they’re crowds hogging the narrow beachline. Get there early to relax or just make a quick stop after visiting Santo Winery. Definitely, a must visit.


Dream Catcher Catamaran Excursion

We are not ones to search for tours, you may have figured that out by now. But one cannot visit Santorini without hopping on a boat and seeing the hidden coves and beaches that only boats can access. Cyd found this gem and we had one of the best days of our whole honeymoon on it.

The island’s beauty speaks for itself but it was infinitely more beautiful because the crew of the Dream Catcher filled our bellies with amazing local wine and the best food we had during our entire stay. That’s not a hyperbole...that’s just the facts. The food blew us away and we would not hesitate to go again when we find ourselves back in Santorini. There’s nothing like looking up from the Aegean Sea and staring at marvelous whitewashed dwellings. Changes your whole perspective of the island.

Goaltraveler_Dreamcatcher tour_Fisheye.jpg

Two Brothers Bar

So I think we visited this bar 2-3 times during our week stay. We always seek out a great local pub and this place had all the signs and symptoms of what we look for. Cheap beer, good music, shisha, and super friendly owners. The owners chatted our ears off and kept the shots flowing. The bar definitely attracts a younger crowd but it does not overshadow its unique character. Santorini doesn’t offer much variety in the bar department so this place is a welcomed change of pace from the rest of the island. Grab a seat at the bar, order drinks, and order some shisha.


GOAL Traveler Tip: if they offer a special called the Head Shot, do not order it!! Some poor patron ordered it when we were there and it consists of them putting a helmet on you and hitting you with a bat on top of the head. Just watch.




So are you ready to go? You won't regret it!

If you have already been there, what are your favorite highlights? Comment below!