Airbnb Is The Way To Be!

A lot of questions arise when you mention booking an Airbnb.


Isn’t it strange?

Is it not weird being in someone else's home?

Do you see the people that own the home?

Is it clean?


In a world where the news highlights how ugly humanity it is, I can see how Airbnb can be a little off-putting at first. However, the research shows how insanely successful it is.


Sure like everything else, horror stories do exist. But wouldn’t you say the same with hotel experiences?


Yes. So STOP.


We have experienced a handful of Airbnb's throughout our travels and never had a remotely bad experience.

  • A 5 bedroom villa to ourselves in Bali.
  • An upstairs apartment in New Orleans with the owners below us.
  • A bedroom in Chicago shared with a young couple.
  • A cabin in the French Alps.

All experiences were unique and all wonderful.


Sometimes you never cross paths with your host. Directions are typically provided to you upon arrival. You have the hosts contact number for emergencies along with a list of rules and suggestions for when you arrive.


Sometimes the host is very present. You share breakfast with them and chat about the best local insights.


Every booking is uniquely different from the next. Their offerings will never be the same so it’s up to you to know what you want out of the experience.


Are you okay with others being present?

Do you want access to other facilities like the kitchen?

Do you want your own entrance? Etc.


Everything is always presented to you clearly upon booking so you know what you are walking into.


In San Diego, my friend and I booked a room and bathroom at a home in Pacific Beach, just blocks away from the ocean. The offering received exquisite reviews and the price was unbeatable. $500 total for 5 nights. Molly was a little concerned never sharing a home with a host, but I told her to rest assured, in my past experiences they have been the best.



We arrived at 11:30 at night with the keys placed in a hidden spot for us to quietly enter. We walked up the stairs and were briefly greeted by Grace and Skully (the cutest french bulldog). She welcomed us with her eyes half asleep and showed us to our room and stated that we were welcome to grab a drink from the fridge.


On our bed was a beautiful basket and a welcome letter with all the details we needed. Our basket was stuffed with goodies; toothbrush, soap, coupons for local hotspots, magazines, mints, you name it. On our bed, two little chocolates. How sweet.


We had a room with a queen size bed, a massive closet to store our belongings, and a bathroom.



We woke up in the morning to meet Grace’s husband Kelly making eggs in the kitchen. Kelly was the master of San Diego. Every day he provided us with some of the best places to visit. I may have had one idea prior to arriving, but as a local, he countered, “well they have a new chef there now so I would suggest trying this one instead.” Even Google or Yelp can’t give you that first-hand information.



We were beyond grateful to share a home with this beautiful couple. They had gone above and beyond to help us out in several situations.


Day 2: Kelly saw my Sony Camera on the table and explained how he was a former photographer. We chatted about some gear and I asked if he happened to have a lighter bag that I can carry it in. I took Marc’s backpack on this trip which is quite bulky for little ol’ me. Sure enough, he did. It was a perfect sized camera bag that he let me borrow several times during our day trips.


Day 3: Molly and I parted ways and completely forgot about the “key” situation. Grace and Kelly were attending a wedding as Molly was on her way back to the apartment unable to get in. I was clear across the city. A few texts later and Grace was able to save the day with another guest leaving behind a spare key for us.


Day 5: We took the wrong keys out to dinner! (Yeah I think we drank ourselves stupid this week because that was the dumbest mistake) Sorry, Grace! We had to bang on the door until we woke Grace up to let us in, it was 9 pm, not 3 am, don’t judge me. ;) Half asleep, she came to the rescue again and didn’t complain. (We felt terrible)


The place was very clean and newly renovated. Grace & Kelly were there for us when we needed them, but also 100% respected our space. Their advice was always spot on. We would absolutely go back again. Thank you, both for having us.

Want to book with Grace & Kelly - Visit their Airbnb Here!

Don't have the patience to find an Airbnb, but want to give it a try? Yeah you know who to call. We book those too. ;)