15 Gift Giving Ideas For The Avid Traveler


First and foremost, we are not sponsored by any of the brands listed below, we just truly love these products and would like to share with our readers. But if any of these brands are listening, we love what you are doing! 

It's the most wonderful time of the year, guys! The malls are flooded. Traffic is everywhere. Red and green twinkly lights have vomited over every tree and home.

Can you tell we are grinches

It's shopping time. Although we want to say just purchase an experience. ::cough cough:: through us, of course.  👉 (click here)  We are going to hold back and try and offer you some great physical gifts that your travel loves will adore.

TOP 15 Gift Giving Ideas For The Avid Traveler.

1. REI GIFT CARD- One of the best gifts you can receive. We are kids in a candy shop when we step foot into REI. They offer so much for the adventure enthusiast. Clothes, gear, travel needs, you name it. The REI movement is top-notch for the outdoorsman and offers a ton of workshops and group activities. We are in love with this brand and all adventurers at heart should be too.



2. PACKING CUBES- They can look intimidating at first. You may be saying to yourself, how could I ever fit my clothes in there? Trust me, you can fit a lot more than you expect. They organize your bag beautifully, which allows for more space, and at the same time helps satisfy your OCD tendencies. 


3. INFLATABLE NECK PILLOW- We’ve been through our fair share of neck pillows. Many on the market are extremely comfortable, but it's the lugging them around that becomes a nuisance. They never easily fit in your bag so they usually dangle off it, collecting dirt. The inflatable neck pillow squishes down to a few inches for easy packing. It’s surprisingly comfortable, too. Since it’s inflatable, you can vary the density to your liking.


4. S'WELL WATER BOTTLE -Why did it take so long for this concept to become popular? I don’t know how it works, but it does. Your water truly stays cold all day, scratch that, freezing cold all day. I have left this bottle roasting in my car for 3 hours, it was so hot I could barely hold it, took a sip and my water was ice cold. Great for all day adventures. Well worth the cost. 



5. EYE MASK- We love them but stop putting designs on them! We use them for sleep and comfort is all that matters. Look for one with a lip on the nose and bubbled eyes that don’t put pressure on your eye-lids. These masks cut out the light and barely feel like anything on your face. 



6. TOILETRY BOTTLES -  Multiple bottles, multiple sizes. These puppies are always needed and can be used in so many different ways to help downsize your accessories.


7. VERSATILE CARRY-ON LUGGAGE I don’t own one but I’m obsessed with its design. Osprey, we love what you are doing! This luggage is not only meant be a carry-on but it can transform in several different ways. You can roll it or you can wear it on your back. It has a detachable day pack and a ton of compartments. During one of our REI visits, Marc and I probably played with this product for over an hour. A smart carry-on bag and backpack, YES PLEASE!




8. QUICK DRY TOWEL- You may think, well I’m not a camper so why would I need this? Chances are you will take day trips away from your hotel and head to the beach, mountains, lakes, etc. Most hotels or residences do not allow you to take their towel off site, and they tend to be rather large. These towels are extremely light, easy to pack and dry almost instantly. A no-brainer. 


9. UNIVERSAL PLUG ADAPTER - For the international travelers. They now make them conveniently small and easy to pack.


10. CUSTOMIZED TRAVEL TAGS - Nothing says “I'm a traveler” more than a custom travel tag. #ownit. ETSY offers tons of these!


11. CUSTOM TRAVEL MAP - One of my all-time favorite gifts; adding a pin is liberating.There are tons of these on the market, but I suggest splurging on a sturdy map that is customized with your name. It will be a treasure in your home for a lifetime. 



12. KEEPSAKE BOXES - For those of you that like to collect materials throughout your travels. What is the point if they get lost in a drawer somewhere. Be proud of these mementos and have them placed in a keepsake box for all to see. This is a great DIY gift to make it more personal. Thanks Martha Stuart for the tip. ;)



13. SCARF/HAT- I don’t care where I am going, the chill always hits when least expected. I always pack a neutral scarf/hat that can work with various outfits. 

14. UTILITY KNIFE - You just never know when this will come in handy. Be careful not to bring on the plane! 

15. TRAVEL VOUCHERS (click the picture to receive) - This is the BEST gift for a traveler. Traveling is costly and any little bit helps. Who cares which airline, we are simply thankful you support our passions. Did you know you can get cards for Airbnb and hotels too? The options are endless!

So whatcha getting us?  

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