Lower Your Expectations

Hi, I’m (enter name here) and I’m going to (enter dream destination).  

What advice do you have for our trip?

Us: “Lower your expectations.”

…No one wants to hear that…But it’s true.


One of our biggest pieces of advice, no matter where you are traveling, is to lower your expectations.

We, the people, like to place this majestic hierarchy on travel. This crazy idea that if we leave home, wherever we choose to go must be perfect. A sea of paradise viewed through our blinders. Because the grass is always greener on the other side.

GOAL Traveler- Glasses.jpeg

But the truth is….

Nothing is perfect.

One time we were visiting Lake George, NY accompanied by another couple. A whopping 4-hour drive from NJ, so the assumption is, “it can’t be that much different from home,” but that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

GOAL Traveler Lake George.JPG

Lake George is a step back in time, nothing seemed to progress past the 50’s. The adorable downtown is full of mom & pop shops and wifi and cell phone service are scarce. Unlike downstate-New Yorkers, people are friendlier and say hello as you pass. Life is simple there. So simple that despite its popularity in the summer, they still struggle to get their grip on handling service when it’s busy.

Often times restaurants would be nearly empty, yet the hostess would state there is a wait.

How?  Because they weren’t equipped to handle or because they didn’t care?

I found that strange they didn’t want more customers, but to them, it didn’t matter. They would shrug it off and say, sorry. It’s a way of life and they’d rather not overwork or stress about it.

One morning we stopped at a diner for breakfast. Once again there was only a handful of tables seated, and the poor waitress was clearly struggling with them. There was something missing from the menu that my friend asked if they had. Not a crazy request.

….A cappuccino.

The waitress practically laughed at her face and followed with, “I can’t even imagine having to make that right now.”

My friend was extremely taken aback and upset by her response. She thought her cappuccino request was simple and did not understand that this was not an option.

She followed with, “is there a Starbuck nearby?“

Sure enough, the waitress shook her head and laughed, “uh no.”

We weren’t that far from home, but if my friend observed her surroundings she may not have been so annoyed.

Aunty Em, We are clearly not in Kansas anymore.

That is why we went to Lake George. For something new. Something other than home. To experience a new way, a new view, a new culture. And for Lake George, that culture is simplicity.

GOAL Traveler Lake George 2.JPG

Marc and I prefer to leave all expectations behind. Like life, things are going to go wrong and will not flow as easy as you assumed. When entering with an open mind, you let go of ever being disappointed. Your destination will always exceed your initial thoughts.

Sometimes things are just out of our hands and who are we to change them? Instead learn to accept, learn to grow from them, and move on.


With that said, let’s Get Out And Live.

Throw all expectations behind.

Let’s begin by looking into your next getaway.