How To Make Or Break A Travel Experience

As travel planners, we’ve heard all the excuses that stop people from committing. We understand it can be difficult in many aspects and often a lot of fears come into play.

Fear of flying

Fear of something going wrong

Fear of not liking the food

Fear of the weather

Fear of not speaking the language.

And so on… and so on...


To sum it up. It’s the fear of the unknown.


We’re not all programmed to be adventurous. When the time comes where we accept that we need a break and change of scenery, we will move forward but may carry the baggage of some of those fears.


Often, we like to travel with friends and family.


Because we know them.

They know us.

It makes an unknown experience a little more comforting. We feel this decision is safe.

But what seems to be a simple invitation can really make or break a vacation or a friendship for you.

Traveling bring outs our true colors. When you find yourself in a new and unique situation, the way you handle it may not be as accepting to others.


Let’s talk some examples.


  1. You are in another country and are so excited to try their cuisine. Meanwhile, your friend is an extremely picky eater and is not impressed with any of the restaurants you suggested. They go to the one you choose but barely eat any of the dishes.

  2. You share tight sleeping quarters. You like to sleep in on vacation. Your friend is an early riser, but not a quiet one. Shuffles around the room opens the windows and is chatting on the phone. You may have hoped to get some rest on this trip but you can’t.

  3. You have two days left to your trip and you want to spend it seeing the historic sites, your friend rather hang at the bar. A tiff breaks out because no one wants to do either thing alone.

See where I’m going here?

There are a ton of possibilities that can arise and can make the situation difficult. Traveling is practically marriage with those you are around. You have no choice but to get to know each other real quick, up close and personal.


Some advice:



1. If you are a type-A personality and are very particular about the way you go throughout your experience, you should be very cautious of who you ask to tag along. You want to make sure you really know the person well and they know you. When interesting situations arise you understand how you both would act towards it. Instead of bickering, you help each other through.

2. Learn to be easy-going. Not everything is going to go your way with friends. It’s important you give and take for a smooth experience


3. Travel with those that are comfortable doing things on their own. If situations arise where you disagree on what to do, it should be more than acceptable that you go one way and the other goes theirs. One may have to sightsee alone, but if you can both respect each other's decisions, everyone is happy.



There is no better way to truly get to know someone than when traveling. We personally think before anyone ever gets married they should go on an exotic adventure together. If you make it through more in love than when you left, you know it’s a match!

Maybe one day we will tell you about our first big trip to South Africa and how its laundry list of experiences made our relationship stronger than ever! We wouldn’t trade it for the world.