Preface: you’re lucky we even have some video of this city. We may or may not have partied too hard. 


Bangkok receives a lot of mixed reviews. You either love this city or could care less.
We arrived in Bangkok excited and cautious. It’s a city known for an epic party scene, and truthfully, we just can’t hang like we used to… so we thought.



If that picture doesn’t say enough, then I don’t know what will.

Bangkok took us by surprise. This city is MASSIVE and has a shit ton of character.

You want luxury? You got it

Backpacker? We know the spot for you?

Party animal? There is plenty of that.

History buff? So many temples!


Bangkok has a lot to offer. A LOT! It’s one of those cities we thought…

“We could live here.”

It’s because of its unique character. We beg of you not to avoid this city, it’s definitely worth a couple-day stay…at least.

We really weren’t planning on partying, but the vibe sucked us in.  So much of that we barely have any proof of our drunken escapades, just some blurry videos to prove it.


Here are our TOP 4 STOPS from our stay.


We knew things would eventually get pretty weird in Bangkok, so we went to the epicenter. Soi Cowboy is a road known for its go-go bars and strip clubs. We heard about this area well in advance and it lived up to its reputation, and more! The brightness and amount of lights rivaled Las Vegas’ neon-aura but on a much smaller scale. Women consistently grabbing at you to force you into their club, or at least we thought they were women. We don’t seek out red-light districts and strip clubs on our journey’s but this place had a reputation that we had to explore. Be sure to go see a ping pong and dart show. That’s right. If you want any more details you are going to have to contact us directly!



One of the best hubs for backpackers, street food, and bars. We visited this place multiple times because the vibe is awesome. Yes, it’s dirty. Yes, it’s loud. Did I see cockroaches and rats? Hell yea I did. We don’t give a sh$t. We heard from a lot of people that this place was dirty and ya know what? So is NYC. Khao San and it’s neighboring roads are where you want to go for cheap souvenirs, good street food, and cheap beer. Oh did I mention the music? Each bar/restaurant has its own music blasting into the streets, at times you would think the bars were battling. This place is popular for a reason and should not be missed.



We consider ourselves massage enthusiasts! We always talk about getting massages back in the states but they are way too expensive. So, whenever we come to Asia we splurged on a massage, usually every other day. And by splurge we mean we spend about $10-20/massage, ranging from 60-120 minutes! Guys, Asia is insane when it comes to massages. We’ve had massages in Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines…you name it! The benefits of massages are understood by everyone in Asia and each country has their own variations. We didn’t opt for the tradition Thai massage, instead, we just wanted a quick foot/leg rub. Holy Santa Claus sh$t! This was hands-down the BEST foot/leg massage we ever had. We struggled to stay awake because the chairs, heating pads, and ambiance made it too easy to pass out. When in Bangkok, go to “At-Ease Massage”. Be sure to try and make a reservation. We were lucky our first trip but were unsuccessful when we went back the next day for a full-body massage.



Sure you can get some pretty insane pad thai but that’s like going to Tokyo and ordering a California roll. A big fat “NOPE” in our book. Seek out the weird, new, and local dishes and you will never be upset. Shortly after our departure from Soi Cowboy, around 3-4am, our stomach’s reminded us that we were in need of something spicy and greasy. Soon after we announced our hunger to an empty alley we came across an intimate curb-side restaurant. Dirty plastic chairs, cold beers, and locals. It had all the signs & symptoms of some good food. Everyone had a hot pot on their table steaming from fresh coals. Hot Pot it is! Beef, pork, and tripe (cow’s stomach) simmer in the spicy cauldron. One of our best meals during our stay in Bangkok. I wish I could remember where it was exactly but you can follow in our footsteps. It’s easy. Just get hammered on Soi Cowboy, see a “show”, then wander around. I’m sure you will find it!


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