Our 6 In-Flight Necesseties

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Unfortunately, we can’t always fly business or first class. Therefore, we need to bring our own pillows, eye masks, food, booze (sometimes, but not all the time), etc. To be honest, receiving those extra perks in the higher classes doesn’t always justify the increased ticket price. Basically, all you’re paying for is that lie-flat seat and the complimentary glass of champagne. Oh! And those curtains that separate you from the rest of the common-folk.

Luckily, we’ve realized that by bringing just a few extra items on board, we too can enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable flight. We brainstormed and came up with our top 6 things that we can’t fly without for both long or short-haul flights.



Seriously, let’s start off with the most important flying essential. Once you fly with these bad boys there’s no going back. I’m not just talking about a screaming child either. You don’t realize how loud a plane is until you try these babies out. An infant or annoying seatmate is the least of my worries, it’s those damn engines that keep humming the whole ride. How rude of those pilots! Sure, depending on your seat location you may not experience loud engine noise as much, but we promise you once you go noise canceling, there’s no going back.

I have a hard time sleeping on planes and without these things, I would be shit outta luck! Cydny and I rock the Bose Quiet Comfort 20i earbuds. It’s not easy sleeping with big, bulky headphones on, so we opted for these as opposed to over-the-ear. Trust me, it’s a game changer. And if you can’t splurge on the ear buds yet, we understand it’s an investment, give classic ear plugs a try.




An obvious one but there are 2 apps, in particular, I always fly with. For those long-haul flights when you are looking to gobble up a couple hours after the seatback entertainment has run it’s course, turn to good old’ fashion Monopoly. It’s a game that’s easy to play (I think we all know the rules). It’s practically never ending so it will take up plenty of time. I sport the wheelbarrow piece, don’t judge me. You wouldn’t believe how many games require wifi, so this game can always be played while in Airplane Mode.

The other game I can’t play enough is called Alto. Technically it’s a snowboarding game. It only requires you to tap the screen with 1 finger, that’s it, no other controls. The whole point of the game is to collect coins and hit llamas, yup, llamas. Besides the easy gameplay, the aesthetics of the game are soothing. They even have a Zen Mode. No points, no rushing, no dying. Just endless riding and music. Works on Airplane Mode as well.





There’s a reason why they say you need to consume massive amounts of water if you’re on a plane for a long time. Dehydration and dryness, in general, can make you feel like crap. Drink lot’s of water and also pack some chapstick for those dry lips. Applying every hour or so will make a huge difference. Such a small item can go a long way at 35,000 feet.





This one is more of Cyd’s specialty. Airplanes are cramped, dirty, and can lead to increased anxiety. A small vial of essential oil, regardless of scent, can be calming. There’s not much to do if you get anxious and worked up over something that can happen while flying. Maybe that damn kid behind you keeps kicking or the dude next to you insists on bogarting both armrests. Whatever the issue, chill out with some uplifting scents. These will also help combat those stinky passengers and stale smell that emanates from the recycled airplane air and calm the mind. “Stress Relief” and “Breathe Easier” are her go to scents.




Be honest, have you ever walked off a flight and felt clean? Exactly. Who knows if you will get to shower anytime soon, depending on your travel plans. Baby wipes come in little travel-size packets and will come in handy in that exact moment when you were thinking, “why would I ever need to pack these?” Think about it, do you realize how much “ass traffic” that seat on the plane gets? You may have only sat in it for 2 hours but that’s way too long. Imagine a 16-hour flight. Gross!

I don’t want to dwell on your ass for too long but the wipes can also be used to cleanse your face, armpits, etc. Anything goes with baby wipes and staying fresh is kind of important.




Another Cydny specialty. While Cyd doesn’t play games on her phone like me, she will zone out and color outside of the lines for a couple hours. Games and coloring are basically the same things when you’re trying to kill time. Whatever is needed to zone out for a couple hours will go a long way in our book. She loves the travel size ones for easy packing.



What’s something you can’t fly without? Comment below.