I Slept In A Hammock And I Liked It!

Hi, my name is Cydny and I am a high maintenance sleeper.


I’m thirty-one, I don’t want to sleep on a shitty mattress, college dorm style. I did my time in hostels, I traveled as a kid in an RV, that was enough. When you become an adult you start to realize that the finer things in life are worth the splurge. I prefer a comfy bed in a temperature controlled room. I’m the worst sleeper ever. I toss and turn all night long and am super sensitive to light and sound.The bed is everything to deter my crankiness in morning.

Two weeks ago I was in California for my best friends wedding, Michelle. She is quite the opposite of me and can sleep on basically anything. She makes me look extreme with my requests.

I got there four days early to help her prep for a three-night celebration of marriage in the middle of the Redwoods. What an insanely cool concept for a wedding, but you can only imagine the amount of prep needed to make the Redwood Forest, “wedding ready.”
We were four hours North of San Francisco, in Humboldt County, or the middle of nowhere.


Michelle had prepared for me to sleep in her makeshift trailer home. It’s basically a little u-haul with some added shelves, a small refrigerator, and a loft bed. On our first night I slept on the loft mattress, while Michelle, the bride-to-be, slept in a hammock below the bed, meanwhile, the Groom slept outside in a hammock. Yikes! Thanks dude for giving me your bed, but god did I feel awful taking up his space during the week before the big day.

Michelle and Derek are getting married in what is called “The Grove.” It’s a near perfect grid of Redwood trees lined up one by one. In the center is a dirt courtyard, an open rectangle that is known as ”The Grove.” Here is where the ceremony and reception are being held. In the back is a makeshift bar. Four trunks of redwoods placed in a square with a handmade bar top.

The groom asked if we wanted to set up our hammocks there the following night and place the fire pit in the middle.

Sleep in a hammock?
Under the Redwoods?
Beneath the stars?
Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Then reality sets in.
Beneath the stars….? ok.
Amongst the bugs….??
Where the bears roam….???
With no room to toss and turn….????
Wait, is this a good idea?!?!?

I specifically bought a sleeping bag for this trip. Haven’t had one of these puppies since those sleepover days. Pretty sure it was a Little Mermaid sleeping bag. I guess I could break it in. If everyone else is doing it, then I’ll give it a shot. What’s one night, right?

As the fire cracked and the moon peeked through the tree’s with thousands of stars twinkling, our friend began to play his ukulele. We all sang and slowly drifted off with a glass of red wine in hand. The weather was a chilly 48 degrees as I snuggled in my toasty down sleeping bag. Needless to say, I slept like a rock. The sun rises and naturally energizes you for the next day.

To think, I thought that idea was insane. I felt awful making Michelle’s fiance sleep in a hammock the first night, and now I was jealous he did. You bet I opted hammock for the following three nights. That peace and serenity are exactly what I needed to shut my brain off. That weekend Marc arrived with a JUCY campervan and that was the end of my glorious nights, back to sharing a mattress.


The moral. Don’t knock it until you try it. I don’t consider myself true outdoorsmen. I dabble, try and make my husband proud. But when it comes down to it, I tend to choose the more comfortable route. What I’m learning is the more I open myself to the outdoors, the more and more I’m appreciating its simplicity. You are telling me, all I ever needed was some tree’s and a hammock to get me by? Apparently so.

Now in five days, I will be off to Ireland for my very first camping venture. We have all the gear ready, if the weather is right, I may never go back to hotels. (okay that’s pushing it)


PS. My hammock was an ENO and seriously is the easiest thing to travel with. It neatly packs into this little sack so it takes up no space in your home or in your suitcase. Highly recommend!