GOAL Surprise- Hong Kong

We all set out a GOAL to travel, and we think our GOAL is met once we arrive,

but then on every trip, there’s a GOAL Surprise.

 You know, that moment where you are caught off guard but it ends up exceeding your expectations.

It can be an extreme circumstance or the tiniest of interactions, but regardless it’s a memory that lasts a lifetime.

It’s when the destination suddenly becomes something special.

Those unpredictable moments we call GOAL Surprises.



For Hong Kong, that was our first night. We arrived late and exhausted due to delays in the Philippines. Our plans of walking the city were quickly suppressed by hunger and thirst. We are highly motivated when we travel, a go-go-go mentality, but we finally conceded and decided to just sit back, enjoy the hotel lounge, and get a good nights rest. So we thought…


Enter the Holiday Inn.


This was quite a common hotel chain we chose, we rarely go commercial on our visits. However, I will say the location was great and honestly one of the best hotels we stayed in. It offered an array of amenities, like your own personal cellular phone to take around the city.




I know, they gave us a phone to use to get around the city, which had free data and came in handy while lost. And there was no extra fee. Truth!


Okay, back to the story.


Around 9pm we headed down to the lounge that was packed with guests. We snagged a seat by the window and looked down to the crowded parking lot full of Tesla’s, Mercedes, and BMW’s.


I’m sorry, aren’t we at the Holiday Inn? Since when did this become the high rollers spot?


It was a Friday night and the band was getting ready to hit the stage. Interesting spot for a night on the town, when Hong Kong is full of plenty of options. The more we looked the more it seemed like the guests were locals.


Is there something we don’t know?


Looked around some more and noticed everyone is dressed up, while we are in flip flops. Drinks are soaring by with lots of flirty laughter and wait a minute.. Is this the 40 and over crowd?


Oh boy, what did we get ourselves into?


Cue music.


The first song barely begun as people rush to the dance floor. Hands in the air, bopping around, swinging partners. We watch and giggle. Everyone was so excited to let loose and sweat it out. I mean “sweat” when I say it. These people were going hard. Some even jumping on the stage with the band to show off their skills.


The band takes its first break and an older woman makes eye contact with Marc. Quickly she beelines it to our table and asks the infamous question.


“Where are you from?”


Within seconds her dancing buddy runs over to me and smiles. We chat the best we can. I’m trying desperately to translate his drunken slurs and massive accent. But with lots of smiles and an abundance of hand hugging we got by. I couldn’t help but begin to wonder if they were swinging. So I asked if they were married, and quickly found out that they were just friends and had no interest in each other. Phew. Before you know it, an hour went by with these two chatting our ears off in hopes to get us on the dance floor with them.


Cue second set:


Our new friends rush to the floor.


Marc gives me that look, “Come on, let’s go before it’s too late.”


I look back and with my eyes say,  “but I want to dance!”


Marc, “I don’t like the sound of that look.”


I get up and quickly grab his hand and our two new friends jump with excitement. They began dancing ecstatically as we joined them for the Asian rendition of Ricky Martin and the Bee Gees.


There was something so innocently beautiful about this moment. Everyone at the bar was in their element, living life. We were holding back, tired, and a bit “hangry”. It only took an intriguing couple to drag us out to loosen up and join the fun. Thankful for those two knuckleheads to help us ring in our first night in Hong Kong.