9 Rent-A-Car Tips


Almost everywhere we go we rent a car.

Getting lost and exploring a country on your own terms is extremely underrated.

Some believe they can’t drive in a foreign country and that’s a big mistake.

We put together 10 important notes to remember when renting a car. Don’t forget to pack them!



1. MANUAL TRANSMISSION – It’s a dying art in the States, but it’s the common way to drive around the world. If you know how to drive a manual car you will save a ton of money when renting a car. Automatics will always cost more. Do yourself a favor and learn the skill. 

2. RECORD 360 APP – This app has everything to help you avoid damage accusations and it’s FREE. Before getting on the road open, properly record the conditions of your rental and never worry again.

3. INSURANCE COVERAGE – Check with your credit card company, a lot of them offer primary rental car insurance if used when purchasing. If your credit card issuer offers primary insurance then be sure to decline all optional or recommended coverage from the rental company. It will save money! 

4. USB WIRE – Who wants to get lost and not be able to use the map on their phone? Well, we do, but not all the time! Too many times we cut it close with low battery, praying we remembered the address of our hotel to return back. Always stay charged so bring your USB wire. 



5. AUX WIRE – Almost all rental cars are a base model, therefore, they will rarely have a Bluetooth option to connect your phone. If you are cool listening to worldly music or dealing with fuzzy radio stations, then you can skip this note. To everyone else, we found having an Aux cord on hand has come quite handy to listen to our epic playlists.

6. CIGARETTE LIGHT ADAPTOR – Similar to the above, you just don’t know what you are going to get with a base model rental car. But you can always count on the car having a cigarette lighter. Some don’t have USB connections and that’s where the lighter port comes in handy. Better to be safe than sorry. 


7.PROPER PLAYLIST –  How many times has a certain song brought back memories? Blink 182 always makes me think of Aruba, go figure.  I don’t know about you, but a day on the road isn’t complete without the proper playlist. Plan it out and have memories last a lifetime.


8. PREPARE FOR TOLLS – You just don’t know when you are going to run into them. Always have some local currency on you and avoid an argument with a local toll booth employee.

9. PAPER MAP/GOOGLE MAP – We say both for several reasons. Have the old school map on hand just in case you forgot tips 4, 5, & 6, you are more than equipped to figure out how to get back to civilization. Yes, this has saved us plenty of times. Secondly, did you know your google maps will still work without wifi? You can save the local area before you leave wifi. You can turn it on airplane mode to save energy.

10. SNACKS & WATER – Sounds obvious I know, but make that stop and load up before you hit the road. No day on the road is complete without some snacks. Our go-to is Airheads & Pringles. SMH, I know.