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Our Audience

Our audience is the average blue collar traveler. They are hard workers, middle class, busy, and often day dream about experiencing more of what the world has to offer. Roughly a 60/40 percent ratio of female to male. They are typically active, with an adventurous spirit and a wish to travel often. Motivation, timing, and the know-how to research are their basic concerns.

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Other STatistics:


Why Invest In Us:

1. Dedicated Audience

  • We have a very interactive audience on our social platforms, that love to engage and ask us questions. They trust us, knowing we have over 15 years of experience traveling and will always provide an authentic voice.

2. Quality Content

  • We're always investing in building our strengths in photography, videography, and writing to provide content our followers will love and our partners can utilize. We will never throw content together for the sake of creating content. Each piece is always precisely planned out to benefit everyone involved.

3. Experience

  • Cydny understands first-hand what it takes to work alongside a brand/company. It's important to ALWAYS understand and value them, inside and out, and assure that our voice aligns well with theirs. A collaboration together will always be well thought-out and planned, to be sure that both parties benefit and are represented in the best light.