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As your Adventure Motivators we hope to inspire you to join the movement and step outside of your comfort zone to discover new cultures, indulge in new dishes, and to simply "Get out and live." (goal)

We are the Voicechovski's (just call us the V’s). We are an ordinary couple with an extraordinary desire to travel and a passion to inspire you to do the same!


We may be seen hiking volcanoes or touring a country via campervan, but we often end our treks splurging on 5-star views and 10-course tasting menus.  Why? Because we want to experience all aspects of what a location has to offer.


In order to understand the true essence of a place we must check off our 5 Pillars of Travel: nature, culture, cuisine, budget, and luxury. All in hopes of sharing with you the benefits of a well-rounded adventure and the authentic "VOICE" (get it?) of where we've been.







Adventure Qualifications

Snorkeled between two tectonic plates in Iceland

Swam in the world's largest rooftop infinity pool

Ate the world's stinkiest fruit, durian

Learned to surf in Ecuador

Cycled down Maui’s tallest volcano

Hand fed kangaroos in Australia

Cage dived with great white sharks in South Africa

Climbed 10,000ft Volcano in Indonesia

Bathed and pampered elephants in Thailand

Got engaged on a private pier in Bali

Snowboarded 14 miles down a glacier in France

Survived and emergency landing in San Francisco

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Between Cyd and I, I'm the mastermind behind all our adventures. I can nerd out on geography and discover hidden gems, rack up reward miles,  or research what’s trending in the travel gadget world. It keeps me motivated. I'm also the guy behind the camera.


Many of you don't know my first love is sports and by day I'm a Certified Athletic Trainer.  Need help with that broken bone, I got you.  I am also a former international competitive/sponsored rock climber and national championship coach. Rock climbing is something I don't ever see myself stopping.


I live for the outdoors and am the one dragging Cyd along for the ride, pushing her to ski black diamonds and hike to new heights. 



 You know what's funny? I plan everything. I plan from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, but when it comes to travel I throw it all out the window. That is why I love travel, it's the one time I can be fully present and let the world guide me. (or Marc)

Behind the scenes I'm a machine and keep GOAL Traveler afloat. I'm usually the face you see on screen,  a content creating nut, editing the website, networking, you name it.

I also consider myself a dancer because, "once a dancer always a dancer." I am a choreographer and 200 CYT yogi. (still teach today) I can thank this background to making me very comfortable in front of the camera so I can bring you all the realness on our adventures.

Thanks to Marc I have grown a huge love for the outdoors, but I will always be the one making sure we balance it with culture and luxury. 

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Need an Adventure GOAL?

We provide them weekly on our podcast.




Visit all 50 states | Visit the 7 Continents | See the gorillas in the Congo | See the penguins in Antartica | Hop on a boat around Greenland | Road trip through the West Fjords of Iceland | Drink yak milk in Mongolia | Eat lunch with a sherpa in the Himalayans | Hike to Everest base camp | Share tea with Buddhist in Tibet | Ski in Chile | Swim with the whale sharks in Mexico | Watch the ballet in St Petersburg | Witness the northern lights  | Deep Water Solo In Mallorca ✔️| Meet with a shaman in the Amazon Jungle | Surf in Bali | Stay in a traditional Japanese home | Climb in Patagonia | Witness an Ibex in the alps | See the big 5 on a safari | Learn to tango in Argentina | Drink all the wine in Bordeaux | Skydive in New Zealand | See a grizzly in Alaska✔️ | Sleep in a yurt | Hitchhike in Europe | Meditate in India | Hike the Appalachian Trail |