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 Adventure Motivators


As your Adventure Motivators we hope to inspire you to join the movement in stepping outside of your comfort zones to discover new cultures, indulge in new dishes, and to simply "Get out and live." (goal)

We are the Voicechovski's (just call us the V’s). We are an ordinary couple with an extraordinary desire to travel. From hostels in South America to 5-star hotels in Singapore, we truly feel like an adventure is obtainable on any budget and lifestyle preference. 

We may hike volcanoes or tour a country via campervan, but we often end our treks splurging on 5-star views and 10-course tasting menus.  We relish living in the moment while experiencing both nature, culture, and luxury each country has to offer, all in hopes of sharing a well-rounded adventure to our audience. 







Adventure Qualifications

Snorkeled between two tectonic plates in Iceland

Swam in the world's largest rooftop infinity pool

Ate the world's stinkiest fruit, durian.

Learned to surf in Ecuador

Cycled down Maui’s tallest volcano

Hand fed kangaroos in Australia

Cage dived with great white sharks in South Africa

Climbed 10,000ft Volcano in Indonesia

Bathed and pampered elephants in Thailand

Got engaged on a private pier in Bali

Snowboarded 14 miles down a glacier in France

Survived and emergency landing in San Francisco



Marc is a Certified Athletic Trainer by day, and adventure guru by night. A former international competitive/sponsored rock climber and national championship coach. He lives for geography and is the mastermind behind all GOAL Traveler trips. Marc is highly knowledgeable in reward miles and what’s trending in the travel gadget world. Locating deals and discovering hidden gems in each city is only a fraction that their clients get to experience.



Cydny is a national choreographer, dancer, and 200 RYT certified yogi. Former co-owner of an event entertainment and promotional marketing company, that she helped grow to 1.7 million dollars in sales in under three years. She recently walked away from this success to dedicate herself to her passion with GOAL Traveler. Cydny is the genius behind the business spearheading all marketing and back-end procedures.